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What’s Up?!

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Amy, a mom with "the inside track," and her daughters.

What’s up?  It’s Wednesday, that’s what!

I can just see you know . . . you have a confused look on your face.  You are thinking, The fact that it is Wednesday isn’t particularly exciting and certainly is not the logical answer to the question, “What’s Up?!”

Well, you are right . . . but let me suggest that you just need a little more information to make all of this make sense.  And, guess what?  I happen to have the information you need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The past few weeks, The Track has made Wednesdays a bit more exciting with their weekly video series, “What’s Up Wednesday!” that is posted on The Track’s YouTube channel (and linked to their Facebook page).  If you haven’t already, you really should check these videos out!

Picture a mix between VH1’s “Behind the Music” (though maybe slightly less professionally filmed and scripted!) and a really great infomercial (but much more entertaining and without the direct sales piece!) and you have an idea (or maybe I’ve confused you even more) of what “What’s Up Wednesday!” is all about.

On second thought, maybe you should just check them out for yourself . . . you may just learn something!