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Kid-Sized Fun!
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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Today, I’m going to hand the ole blog over to a couple of other moms who have their own great things to say about The Track . . .

“We took a long-weekend trip to Branson a couple of weeks ago with our sights set on the The Track.  All the guys in my family really loved the Heavy Metal High Rise!  I rode with our 9-year old daughter who was a lot less thrilled with it (the steep hills were a little much for her!), so instead of going full-speed down the two big hills, I slowed WAY down.  It worked for her, but I’m looking forward to going back and riding it full-speed on my own!  When we come back, my husband and one of my sons want to try the Skycoaster – yikes!  We also discovered some great discounts for the Track once we arrived in Branson.  Our hotel gave us a flyer with some coupons in it and we also found that our hotel key card gave us a discount too – great deal!”  ~Karen L. – Farmington, AR

I’m so glad that Karen mentioned those hotel key card discounts.  Being from here, and therefore not staying in Branson hotels, I had to ask what these deals were all about.  Apparently, many area hotels have key cards that feature the Track.  It turns out that when you bring said hotel key card to the Track ticket counter, you can get a “Buy 3 Rides, Get 1 Free” deal.  Nice!  OK, now for another mom’s take on the Track . . .

“Even though we are Branson locals, we love to play tourist.  We frequently load up our 4 children – and most often a few extra – and head to The Track.  The kids cannot get enough of the go-karts and there’s always something fun for all of our kids.  Our oldest girls absolutely love the new Heavy Metal High Rise, and our son especially loved the photo-op spot there!  He loves singing into the microphone and playing the electric guitar while waiting for the rest of the family to finish the ride.  And, the best part . . . you can’t beat the discount anywhere!” ~Sarah D. – Branson, MO

What’s the discount that Sarah speaks of?  The Go-Card, of course!!  Remember that once you purchase the Go-Card (Loaded or Super Loaded), you can get 50% off any additional credits until the end of 2011!  And, don’t forget about all those great discounts you get around Branson when you show your Go-Card.  I mean, why wouldn’t you buy one?

Thanks, Moms, for sharing your thoughts!