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Warmer Weather . . . It’s Party Time!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Warmer weather allows some of my favorite things back into our schedule . . . grilling out and eating dinner on the back porch (less cooking for me!), going to the pool and lake (though I don’t really like to get my hair wet – this is very irritating to my girls!), and, of course, eating ice cream any and every day of the week (it’s hot out, after all!).

But do you know what else warmer weather brings . . . lots of birthday party options!  You moms with kids who have “cold weather birthdays” know how hard it can be to find a fun place to have an indoor birthday party (especially if you’ve sworn after last year’s party that your house is no longer on the possibilities list!).  You moms with kids with “warm weather birthdays” certainly have more choices.

But according to Dawn, a mom from Branson, a birthday party at The Track should be at the top of the list!  Listen to what she had to say about her son’s recent party at the Track:

“Yesterday we celebrated our son’s 11th birthday at the Track.  After 11 years of trying to top the birthday party from the year before, I think we finally found our spot.  We took 10 of our son’s best friends for two hours of complete boy fun at the Track.  They played lazer tag, rode round after round of go-karts and each took a game card home as a party favor so they can come back to the Track with their families.  I loved watching their faces as they sped past me on their go-karts.  And our son had the best time.  There is something so freeing about “just being able to be a boy.”  These 10 boys had been at school all day sitting, doing school work, being quiet and responsible and watching them end a long day with some crazy boy fun was something I will always treasure.  They all loved it and thanked us constantly for inviting them.

I wish I had thought of having his birthday party at the Track before now.  I know this, we’ll be back.  As a family and for birthday parties in the future.  We’ve got another little boy who will want to take his friends go carting when they are older!”

Take Dawn’s advice and have your child’s next birthday party at The Track!  For more information about birthday party packages, click here. Your kids will thank you!