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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

When you are on vacation, you definitely want to have some unforgettable moments.

These moments are what make all the hustle and bustle of getting ready to go on vacation worth it, right?!  The laundry, the arranging for pets, the packing, the paying bills, and so on can be a little (or very!) stressful.  You load up the car, drive for a while, get settled in to your hotel, and everyone starts to relax.  But quickly, the relaxing turns to excitement as everyone starts talking about what to do first!  Finally, you reach a consensus and head out the door.  You reach your destination and jump right into the action.  You look around and see the smiles on your family’s faces . . . in this moment, it is all worth it!

This year, the Track has made a re-energized commitment to create unforgettable moments for all of their guests.  The training of their employees focuses on four key areas:

  1. SAFETY – The Track has strict safety standards on age / height requirements (remember this post?), as well as on the safe operation and procedures for each ride.  Employees receive extensive training and are held accountable for making each guest’s experience at The Track as safe as possible.
  2. APPEARANCE – The Track’s goal is for the employees and facilities to look professional and clean at all times.  If you ever see an area that needs attention, you should feel free to let an employee know so that they can make it right!
  3. FRIENDLINESS – We’ve all been to those places where you walk in and the employees look annoyed . . . and you usually choose not to go back!  Track employees are expected to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for each guest.
  4. EMPATHY – When things don’t go just right, Track employees are taught to put themselves in the guest’s shoes.  When they do this, they can figure out how to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one.

Why do I tell you this?  Because The Track is pretty sure that if they succeed in these four areas, then they will create unforgettable moments for your family this 4th of July weekend . . . and those moments are definitely worth it!