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Track Grand Opening – Well Worth It!

Speaking of Celebrations . . .
Beat the Heat!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Well, my girls and I sure had a great time this past weekend at the Track’s Grand Opening / 30-year Birthday Celebration at Track 4!  Yes, it was really hot, but it was well worth it!  The girls decided it was best to try out the Bumper Boats first.  They are wise girls.  You see, they were on to what is perhaps one of the greatest “inside track” tips I could give you for navigating the Track on a very hot day.

For those of you who have never been on the Track’s bumper boats, let me fill you in on a little secret . . . they are SUPER-SOAKER boats.  What exactly is this, you ask?  Well, let’s just say that there is pretty much no way you will get off of the boats without getting pleasantly soaked!  This could be a bit irritating (or, down-right cold!) in the spring or fall, but on a day as hot as Saturday, it was perfect!  My girls knew that if they started their time at the Track a little wet, they would feel a little cooler while they were out in the heat (I told you they are wise!).  Nothing better than a little “built-in air conditioning” when your whizzing around the go-kart track!!  And, the best part about it for me – they’d be dry by the time we got in our car to leave.  A win-win!  Here they are having a blast!

Another “good-to-know” fact about the bumper boats – if you opt not to actually get on the ride, you can still get wet.  What?!  Yes, if your kids get in just the right position (and they will try!), they can squirt you from their boats while you are nicely standing by the side of the pool just trying to get a good picture!  You might like the spray of cool water on a hot day (just protect your camera!), or you might like to take a few steps back to keep from getting wet, OR you might want to go on the offensive!  How?  Spray them back 🙂  At the side of the bumper boat pools, there are water canons (50 cents) that you can use to get them wet(ter)!  Really, it tons of fun – try it!

Probably the highlight of the day, though, was seeing the “throwback to 1981” employee roaming around the park – what a hoot!  He was dressed in the uniform that employees sported in the 1980s (vintage, right?) and was selling ride tickets out of a nail apron (just like the old days!) for 1981 prices.  You definitely can’t beat that deal!  Here he is with my girls:

So, this is the point that I will plug “liking” the Track’s Facebook page, and this is why.  Those people at the Track on Saturday who had been following The Track’s Facebook page knew to look for this throwback employee and to ask him for the 1981 ticket prices. In fact, while I was there, I saw this very thing happen – those lucky (or should I say, Track-saavy) ladies got this special deal!  Now, I also know that the throwback employee offered this deal to some people on Saturday even if they didn’t ask, but I’m pretty sure ALL the The Track’s Facebook followers who spotted him got the deal!

So, the moral of the story is . . . log on to Facebook and “like” The Track Family Fun Parks so that you don’t miss out on any more deals!