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Track Fun for the . . . Side-Liners!

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Fun Times for the Fourth!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Well, we’ve reached the end of my “Track Fun for the . . . ” series.  You may be wondering what else I could possibly say.

Well, there is one more very important group of people who I believe deserve a little attention . . .

The Side-liners . . . the Observers.

Most families have at least one, and there are different reasons for their status as such.  It really doesn’t matter why . . . but it really does matter that they understand their various roles while at The Track.  In fact, very often they have to fulfill more than one role at once.  This is a multitasking kind of situation.  I know because I have definitely been the Side-liner in my family.  So, without further ado, here are the various roles the Side-liner should be ready to play at The Track:

  1. Bag Lady, Coat Rack, or Pack Mule – whichever title you prefer.  The fact is that if you are the Side-liner in your family, you will be carrying everyone else’s purses, cameras, cell phones, drinks, etc, etc, etc.  This is in addition to anything you choose to bring on park, so you may consider packing light (or, instead, “borrowing” from your family’s belongings that are now in your possession).  Thankfully, there are many benches (most of them shaded) at all of the Track facilities where you can take a load off for a few minutes.
  2. Photographer.  You are in a unique position to get some great photos of your family having fun.  Most of the rides at The Track have several places where you can get relatively close to the ride for optimal picture-taking.  There is a special observation area at the Heavy Metal High Rise that gives you the best shot of those karts zooming down the huge hill.  It is located behind the Track 4 building and, as I’ve already mentioned, gives you a great view of the most thrilling part of the Heavy Metal High Rise ride!
  3. Sharp-Shooter.  Yes, you read that right.  Did you know that next to all of the Bumper Boat ponds at The Track there are water canons that are designed specially for you to soak your family from the sideline?  That’s right.  These coin-operated water canons are a really fun addition to a family’s experience on the Bumper Boats.  In fact, they often spark an all-out battle between land and sea!  Fair warning – you will get wet.  So, you will need to relinquish your other aforementioned Side-liner duties before you provoke your family to attack!

See?  This is a pretty important group of people.  Remember to thank your Side-liners for coming along.  My guess is that even though they aren’t right in the thick of the action (with the one exception of the water battle), they are pretty glad they are getting to spend time watching their family have a great time.  And I think that’s pretty special.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the “How to ‘Do the Track'” series.  Stay tuned for more great insider tips and testimonials about The Track and other Branson fun!