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Track Fun for the . . . Littlest Kids!

Take It Inside! – Part 2
Track Fun for the . . . Big Kids!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

It seems like I’m always talking about how there is something for everyone at The Track.  While I’m sure that you could scour the website to figure out your options, I thought I would take some time over the next week or two to discuss just what I mean.

Over the years, I have “done The Track” with kids of all ages.  My oldest was a baby when we moved to Branson, and now she is going to be a freshman in high school – yikes!  So, I’ve been that mom with kids in strollers, kids on foot, and kids on phones (wait, what?!).

Today, I’m going to discuss what The Track has in store for the littlest kids.  Don’t worry . . . even though my own kids are far from this stage, I have young nephews who have kept my knowledge of this realm of The Track up to snuff.  We always make coming to The Track a priority when they are in town to visit.

Want picture proof?  Actually, I am just dying to share this picture . . . isn’t he the cutest little conductor you’ve ever seen (I do realize you won’t think he’s as cute as your own kids, but please humor me :-))

OK, I can’t resist this one . . . here is a picture of my girls with my other nephew a long while ago.  It goes by fast, doesn’t it?!

Anyway, here are some suggestions for how to make your visit to The Track the very best for the littlest ones in your group:

  • Start at Kids Kountry at Track 3. This is where there are the largest number of rides designed especially for the little ones!  Kids must be 36″ tall to ride the Frog Hopper or the Swinging Pirate Ship.  What if they are under 36″?  You are still in luck.  Kids under 36″ tall can ride the Rio Grande Train and the Spinning Tea Cups with a parent.  This is good news!  This means that every little one in your family is able to ride something at Kids Kountry.  So, head on over there!
  • Check out the Kiddie Go-Karts at Kids Kountry (Track 3) and Track 4.  Now these have a few more stipulations, so listen up . . . your child must be 4 years old (not just look 4 years old!) AND be 38″ tall to drive the Kiddie Go-Karts.  This is for everyone’s safety – including your child – so please wait until your child is 4 before trying to put them on these go-carts.
  • Let your preschooler (who is 36″ or taller!) ride as a passenger on one of the other “Grown Up” Go-Kart tracks – the Classic Track (Tracks 3, 4, 5, and Track at Pirate’s Cove), Road Course Track (Track 3), Wild Woody (Track 3), Heavy Metal High Rise (Track 4), LumberJack (Track 5).  This just might be the highlight of their visit!  Oh, and one other thing to keep in mind – only licensed drivers are allowed to transport passengers on any Track ride.  Again, this is for everyone’s safety!
  • Encourage some good ole’ fashioned bumping . . . Bumper Boats (Track 3, 4, 5) and Bumper Cars (Track 4), that is!  The same rules apply to these rides as on the “Grown Up” Go-Karts.  Passengers must be 36″ tall and drivers must be licensed.
  • Play some preschool-friendly arcade games.  All Track arcades have some games that are geared toward little ones, but I would say that the arcade at Track 5 has the most.  A few preschool favorites . . . Spider Stomp, Feed Big Bertha, and Buzzy Buzzy Bee.

Most of all, have fun . . . and take lots of pictures!!