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Track Fun for the . . . Big Kids!

Track Fun for the . . . Littlest Kids!
Track Fun for the . . . Really Big Kids!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Today, I will be continuing the blog series, “Track Fun for the . . . ” Earlier this week, I discussed how to navigate The Track with the littlest ones in the family.  Today I am moving on to those bigger kids . . . not quite the ones who have their drivers’ licenses, but the ones in between.

Yes, there is a wide range between preschool kids and those sixteen-year-olds, but in terms of fun to be had at The Track, everyone in this age group can enjoy most of the same things.

What things? you may ask.

Well, here a a few numbers that will help you determine what fun your big kid can have at The Track:

  • 36 . . . If you read my earlier post, you should know the significance of this number.  Anyone?  Yes, that’s right.  Kids who are 36″ tall can ride all the kiddie amusement rides and as passengers on grown-up go-karts, bumper boats, and bumper cars when they are accompanied by a licensed driver.
  • 42 . . . Believe it or not, 42″ allows your kids to ride the Skycoaster.  Yes, this is a thrill ride, and yes, I have allowed my own children to ride this.  No, I have not ridden it myself.  I am a complete wimp – and absolutely fine with that!  Guess what?  My kids LOVE this.  Here they are smiling at 100 feet (at least the most daring of the bunch is)!

  • 44 + 6 . . . In this case, this does not equal 50.  No, this mean when your child is 44″ AND 6 years old, they can ride the Bumper Boats on their own!  I’ll discuss this fine ride in more detail later, but you should be warned – you will get soaked!  My dad found this out the hard way:

  • 48 . . . This is quite a right of passage.  When kids are 48″ they can drive the Rookie Go-Karts!  The rookie carts are a great training ground for those grown-up go-karts they will ride in a few short years!
  • 54 . . . Kids who reach 54″ can drive the Bumper Cars and also graduate to the Classic Go-Kart and Road Course tracks!  Remember, though, that just because they can drive these go-karts, it does not mean they can carry passengers.  Only a licensed driver can carry a passenger!
  • 58 . . . this is the magic number, really.  Being 58″ tall allows you to drive the High Rise Tracks – Wild Woody, Heavy Metal High Rise, and the LumberJack.  They are each unique and are all a blast to ride!

So, what is the moral of the story for enjoying The Track with those in-between kids?  How tall your child is determines what they can do on their own.  It is a great idea to have these magic numbers in mind before arriving at The Track so that you know what limitations there may be on what your kids can do at The Track.  It is much better to find out at home that your child may not be tall enough to drive the Wild Woody than it is at the ticket counter . . . if you know what I mean!

Another thing you should know . . . The Track has a measuring system that they use to determine what rides your child is tall enough to ride.  Another day, I will explain that in more detail, but for now, you need to know that how ever tall they measure your child on that day of your visit to The Track is what goes.  It does not matter how tall the doctor said he was at last month’s checkup or how high the pencil mark is on your door jamb at home!  What matters is how tall your child is measured at The Track that day!

So, come ready to enjoy The Track with those in-between kids. They are going to love it!