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Track 4 is Ready to Rock!

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I’m Still Here!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

It’s Friday!  And, not just any Friday . . . it’s the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend!

For the first time in a long while, my girls are out of school before this holiday weekend.  And, let me tell you, we are already in the full swing of summer!  They’ve had non-stop sleepovers and swim time over the past two days that will most likely have them sufficiently WORN OUT for Memorial Day Weekend.

Hopefully they can muster up enough energy to head out to one of our favorite places of all time – The Track!  I ‘m pretty sure that won’t be a problem – they’ve been waiting all spring to ride the Heavy Metal High Rise at Track 4.  You may remember that Track 4 had a bit of a set-back right before they were going to open for Spring Break season in March.  Yes, it was rather unfortunate.

But, as of today at noon . . . Track 4 is READY TO ROCK!!!

Now, a fair warning, things will look a little different to those of you who have been to Track 4 before.  Instead of the nice big building with the awesome arcade, you will see this:

I think it looks pretty nice, don’t you?  The building will be rebuilt in the fall, and you can expect something even bigger and better than before.  But until then, this is where you will go to purchase tickets.  And, this is where you will go to redeem prizes for all of those tickets you will get in the Track 4 arcade . . . . JUST KIDDING!!!  In case you can’t tell from this picture, there’s not room inside that building for any games.  You can, however, visit the (air-conditioned!) arcades at Track 3 and Track 5 and play games until your heart is content!

You may also buy tickets here at Track 4 (can you guess where on the park this is?):

If you guessed that this ticket location is next to the Ozark Mountain Skycoaster, you’re right!  Maybe being over this direction will convince you to finally face your fears and ride it!  Or, maybe not!  Either way, you are sure to have an awesome time at Track 4 this Memorial Day Weekend!

Remember, ALL the rides you’ve enjoyed over the years at Track 4 are up and running starting TODAY!  Like I told you before, a little wind can’t keep The Track down for long.  They are READY TO ROCK!