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Amy, a mom with "the inside track," and her daughters.

This weekend we had the pleasure of spending time with some cousins who we rarely get to see.  They live in the Kansas City area, and, believe it or not, this was their first time to bring their family to Branson (can you believe that?!).

They arrived in Branson on Thursday, but we didn’t get together with them until Sunday evening.  The plan was to grab some dinner and then head on over to . . . . you guessed it – The Track!

Well, we certainly did that . . . and had a great time, I might add!  But, I learned a few things about my cousins that night.  They are IN THE KNOW!!

Here is part of us in front of Wild Woody . . . great picture of my cousins, not so great of my daughter (there must have been camera confusion!)

Now, before you accuse me of insulting them by being so surprised about this revelation, you should know that I was not at all surprised that they were “in the know” about a lot of topics (we have a great gene pool – what can I say?).  But, I was surprised that they were “in the know” about a particular topic . . .

The Track!!!

That’s right.  These savvy cousins had already spent two separate evenings at the Track before our outing with them.  And here we were thinking we were going to give them a go-kart education.  Apparently not necessary.

Not only had they spent their time at The Track, they were smart about it.  They whipped out the Go-Card they had purchased and proceeded to tell us about all the great benefits that come with it.  They were practically a walking advertisement!

But then, they told us something that was even more impressive (to me anyway).  It was their Track-savvy friends back home who said that the Go-Card was a must-have if you wanted to maximize your fun at The Track.  Those people are definitely IN THE KNOW!

So, just to make sure that YOU are IN THE KNOW, let me remind you of the benefits of the Go-Card:

  1. You pay for 120 credits, but you get 160 credits.  That’s 40 credits for FREE!
  2. Once you use those credits, you can re-load your Go-Card with HALF-PRICE credits until December 31, 2012.
  3. With your purchase of the Go-Card, you receive 1 FREE Pizza World Buffet at Track 4 ($9.00 value), 1 FREE One-Topping Sundae from Andy’s Frozen Custard® at Track 4 ($4.00 value), and one 1 FREE ride on the G-Force Drag Race Simulator at Track 5 ($6.00 value).
  4. Your Go-Card entitles you to discounts at some other great attractions, shows, and restaurants in Branson.

You want to be a savvy tourist, right?  Then, get your Go-Card today!