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This Tourist is Tired Out!

Happy 4th and Listen Up!
This Tourist is Tired Out! – Part 2

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Wow.  I just spent the past few days playing Branson tourist with our out-of-town family guests.

We had SO MUCH FUN!  But, I am SO TIRED!

As I’ve mentioned before, our family likes to play Branson tourist (even though we live here), but we usually do it for an afternoon or part of an evening – NOT all day, every day for several days.  Let me tell you, there is quite a difference!  I have a whole new level of respect for you real Branson tourists!

We packed a lot in these past few days, and, if I do say so myself, we had a pretty perfect itinerary.  The thing that strikes me the most, though, is all the things we didn’t have time to do!  There is so much fun to be had in this town . . . I guess I’ll just have to keep playing tourist!

So, here’s a glimpse into our weekend . . . enjoy!

We started off Saturday afternoon with my nephew’s choice – the arcade at Track 5.  I love this arcade because it is basically one big room.  It is very easy to keep track of the kids who, within a few minutes, inevitably want to go in all different directions!

On our outing, the kids started as a unified front, all taking turns playing the same game.  How picturesque 🙂  They wanted to warm up their gaming skills with some “easy” games.  You know these games I’m talking about – they require just a little skill and (here’s the real draw) have the potential to yield LOTS of tickets:

Maybe if 3 of us pull this lever, it will give us more tickets!!

After a while, they were ready to try some games that required a little more skill – like those that require good hand-eye coordination:

An advanced move - one leg up in the air!

Big Bertha was hungry!

Bam, Bam, Bam!

And, those that require good eye-foot coordination:

This daughter's all-time favorite arcade game!

Definitely harder than it looks (I tried it!)

And, those for the outdoor sporting enthusiast:


Downhill Skiing


And, finally, those that require special strength:

Three-on-one and I think they still got beat!

All in all, we had a great afternoon at Track 5’s arcade.  And, in case you were wondering, the kids got LOTS of tickets.  We have convinced them to save them up so they can get something really special (but, let’s be honest, could there really be anything more special than a whoopee cushion?).  I can’t wait to see what they choose!

After the arcade, we ventured out for a few rides on the Classic track.  This was my nephew’s first solo ride on the go-karts and, boy, was he excited!  Look at this concentration:

I did not partake in the racing this time (someone had to take the pictures, right?).  I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I got to see something funny and weird (and, no, it was not on the go-kart track).  While I was watching the rest of my family go round and round, I noticed something very strange stuck on the top of the fence:

I had my suspicions of what this was, but was a little afraid to touch it to confirm!

Why am I showing you this random picture?  I bet you would like to know.  Oh, you will . . . but you’ll have to wait until a later installment of this week’s blog.  Stay tuned!!

Anyway, we finished up at Track 5 and headed over to the Hughes Brothers Theater right next to Track 4.  You see, we had tickets to see the new show, JEERK.

Oh, wow!  You NEED to see this show!  It was incredible!  Each of these five Swedes (and here’s my shout-out to my own family heritage – go Sweden!), is unbelievably talented in so many ways!  The show will amaze you, make you laugh and will certainly keep you (and your kids of any age) entertained for the entire show!  Afterwards, the kids got to meet the performers and even got them to sign the JEERK CD that we bought during intermission:

OK, so here’s the best part . . . the “inside track” . . . with your Track Go-Card, you can get $6 off per adult ticket for this show!  Yes, I am serious.  Actually, you can get $6 off per adult ticket for any show – JEERK, SIX, The Hughes Brothers – at this theater with your Go-Card!  That’s a deal!

So, I bet you are thinking that we headed home after the show . . . oh, no.  We are Branson tourists this weekend who are slave to our fun!  So, we headed over to Andy’s Frozen Custard. for a late-night treat.  In case you didn’t know, when you purchase your Go-Card, you get a coupon for a FREE one-topping sundae.  You don’t want to miss out on that!

Then we went over to the Heavy Metal High Rise picture spot – always entertaining.  The kids did not disappoint:

Only after all of this did we return home . . . whew!  Of course, this was just Day 1 of fun . . . stay tuned for installment 2 of “This Tourist is Tired Out!”  I have lots more to share 🙂