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This Tourist is Tired Out – The Last Chapter

This Tourist is Tired Out! – Part 2
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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Here it is . . . we’ve come to the end of our COUSIN visit.  We spent the 4th of July at The Track – there was just so much more that we wanted to do!

We started off our day at Track 5.

Don’t get me wrong, we rode go-karts and bumper boats, but you’ve heard me talk a lot about those things.  I’m going to tell you a little more about some of the other things we did at The Track!

LASER TAG!  OK, so two of the kids opted to play.  The other one, along with my sister-in-law and me went into the viewing area to watch.  I learned a few things sitting in the viewing area that I did not know before about laser tag (those of you who know about laser tag are probably going to be thinking ‘duh!’) . . . wearing dark colors is to your advantage, but wearing white is your downfall!

The kids finished up their round and posed for a pic:

Can you guess who won? Hint, hint - she's in black!

G-FORCE! After their game of Laser Tag, we headed over to G-Force.  This is a really thrilling (but not scary!) drag-race simulator that makes you feel that you’re going over 300 mph!  It’s also interactive in that each passenger (36″ and up) steps on the gas to “go” and you get to see who had the fastest time.  You really should check it out!

After all of this fun at Track 5, we headed over to Pizza World at Track 4 for lunch.  I’ve mentioned before that I love their food, but what I haven’t mentioned is that with your Go-Card, you get 10% off any purchase over $10.  Anyway, they have a GREAT buffet with a very fresh salad bar, pasta, gourmet (and “regular”) pizza, and even dessert pizza – you have to try out their chocolate chip and “butterfinger” pizza.  Wow!

After we had finished our lunch, the kids asked for quarters for gumballs.  We gave in and told the kids we would meet them on the porch just outside the restaurant after we paid.  Little did I know that the answer to the “unidentified object stuck to the post at Track 5” mystery was about to be solved once and for all!

We walked outside and found our children like this:

The mystery is solved!!

And, just like that, my suspicions of what was stuck on the fence post were confirmed – a phony moustache!  Now THAT is funny!  I wonder if it’s still there??  You can head on over to the Pizza World “treasure” machines and pick one up for yourself.  But, please, attach only to your upper lip!

After this funny moment, we headed over to Track 4 to do some Bumper Cars and then . . . DRUM ROLL PLEASE . . . the SkyCoaster!!  Oh, yes.  My nephew showed a glimmer of bravado, and we jumped on it!  He and my youngest decided to take a ride (for the record, I am NOT brave enough to do this!).  So proud of them!

All suited up!

We did it!

I think that was a great way to end our time at The Track, don’t you?!

I hope you have as much fun in Branson with your family as I’ve had with mine this past weekend.  Happy Vacation!