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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

It really is incredible that it is toward the end of July, and I am just now feeling the need to share this information on the ‘ole blog.

Usually, this is one of the first topics on my mind because it is SO HOT OUTSIDE.

But this year . . . not so much.  With the exception of a few days here and there, it has been spring-like all summer.

However, July has now reared its head, and it is nice and warm outside.

Warm weather = the need to discuss cool off strategies

Obviously, one way to cool off is to go inside an air conditioned building.  Thankfully, The Track not only has air conditioned buildings, but air conditioned buildings full of fun!  Check out this post . . . and this one for a refresher on The Track’s indoor options!

OK, so there are the obvious cool off strategies, but what about the not-so-obvious one?  Let me tell you . . .


Yes, The Track’s bumper boats come equipped with water cannons, so you don’t just get splashed when you bump up against another boat.  Nope.  Instead, those water cannons do their job.  You get SOAKED by all your fellow boat riders (but especially by your children!).  Now, this could be mildly (or greatly) irritating when the weather is a bit cool.  But on days like we’re having this week, this is the BEST way to cool off and stay cool during your time at The Track.  So, here’s what you do to ensure a “cool” time:

  1. Immediately after arriving at the Track (and getting your credits if you haven’t already), head to the bumper boats.  All Track locations have them, so there is no excuse here.
  2. If there are those in your group who do not want to ride the boats, don’t rebuke them . . . send them over to one of the outside-the-bumper-boat-pond water cannons.  Yes, along the edges are water cannons that will get the bumper boats riders extra wet (you want this, remember?!).  And, here’s the secret . . . you in the pond can get them wet too (hee hee!).
  3. Ride those boats!
  4. Take your wet selves over to the go-karts and experience the “built-in air conditioning” you’ve just created for yourself as you zip around that track!

Follow these instructions and you are sure to enjoy your time at The Track – even in the heat of the day!

Oh, and if you’re still in need of some cooling off, head on over to Andy’s Frozen Custard (at Track 4), and try this seasonal treat – the key lime pie concrete! Oh. My. Word.  I had one myself this past weekend, and it is not to be missed!  Enjoy!