Branson Tracks

Spring into Branson!

Swing, Batter . . . Batter, Swing!
Party Time!

It is officially Spring Break at our house . . . and I must say, I do enjoy a week off right about now!

Spring Break season in Branson is an exciting time every year.  Yes, we enjoy the relative quiet of our town for a couple of months.  But, it’s always nice to welcome our visitors back each March.

The NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championships are held at College of the Ozarks near Branson every year during the first week of March.  So, the first signs of spring around here are busloads of basketball players from all over the country.  The community really embraces the tournament with local businesses sponsoring each of the teams in the tournament.

This year, the Track is sponsoring Nebraska’s Midland University, who just advanced to the quarter-finals!  A couple of days ago, the team got to come over to Track 5 for some fun before their big games started.  They had a blast riding the Wild Woody, playing laser tag, and taking advantage of the NEW batting cages!

When your family comes to visit this Spring Break (do you like how I said “when,” not “if”?!), be sure to check out the new batting cages at Track 5 and the NEW state-of-the-art arcade at the NEW building at Track 4 . . . it will not disappoint! Check this out:

That makes you want to head right on down (up or over) to Branson, doesn’t it?  This is just one of several new additions to Branson this spring.  Have you heard about this?

That’s right.  Branson has gone big time!  Southwest Airlines starts flying in and out of Branson Airport on Saturday, March 9th (that’s tomorrow!).  And, if that weren’t exciting enough . . . Have you heard about this?  You really must watch these videos:

Yep, that’s Outlaw Run.  Silver Dollar City’s newest attraction opening March 15!

Yes, it is wooden. Yes, it is that steep.  Yes, it will be AWESOME!!

So, pack up the minivan and head to Branson this March.  We’ll be waiting for you!