Branson Tracks

Spring Break, Here We Come!

Stuff Those Stockings!
Kick Off Summer!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Spring weather has come to the Ozarks just in time for Spring Break!

If you haven’t heard, Branson is a really great place to visit for Spring Break.  Everyone in town has been hustling and bustling to get ready for the 2015 guest season and is READY FOR YOU!

Of course, you have a lot of options when you visit our little town, so I want to spend a little time reminding you why planning to visit The Track is a win-win for the entire family!

Are you ready?  Here we go . . .

Top Five Reasons The Track is a Win-Win Destination for Spring Break 2015:

1) Money-Saving Deals (do I have your attention now?!) = More Fun! – Check out our web-only special, the Spring Break Track Card. The card entitles you to 4 awesome Track experiences of your choice: go-karts, bumper rides, mini golf, laser tag (duplicate, mix and match – whatever your little heart desires!) for $26.  That’s up to 30% off . . . that’s a win-win!

2) Goofy Pictures = Chance to Win a $100 Track Card! – So, if you have ridden Heavy Metal High Rise in the past, you might have a picture something like this.  I have no words for these expressions:

Well, if you come to The Track this Spring Break season, it’s time to take another one at this prime picture spot or anywhere during your visit to The Track. Share your photo to our Facebook page or tag #BransonTracks and @BransonTracks on Instagram or Twitter and you just might be named the next “Fan of the Week”!  Besides the very hip title, you will also receive a $100 Track Card.  Fun photos and the chance to win . . . that’s a win-win!

3) Young Christians’ Weekend = Great Group Rates! – Silver Dollar City will host Young Christians’ Weekend on March 27-29.  When your group is finished enjoying everything Silver Dollar City has to offer, those crazy kids will probably still have some fun left in them! The Track is a perfect place to let the kids loose to burn off the last of their energy. Click here to check out some of what The Track can offer groups (call for specific rates!) . . . this is a win-win!

4) Track 5’s Laser Maze Challenge – NEW! – The first of two great indoor additions to Track 5 in 2015, the Laser Maze Challenge is a web of lasers that you navigate through (or bust through if you prefer!) as fast as you can. Feeling a little competitive?  See who in your family can clock the fastest time!  Big fun and a little friendly competition . . . a win-win!

5)  Track 5’s Route 76 Glow Golf – NEW! – I got to go check this out the other night, and I was WOWED!  One of the greatest things about this project is that the murals on each wall were designed and painted by one of The Track’s long-time workers, a local college student.  She did an amazing job creating this Branson-themed, black-light golf experience!  Awesome art plus black-light mini golf . . . definitely a win-win!

As cool as this picture is, trust me that it doesn’t do this golf-course justice! You’ll have to come check it out to see for yourself!

So . . . are you convinced yet to make The Track a part of your Spring Break this year?  I hope so!