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30 Years . . . What?!
Track Grand Opening – Well Worth It!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

So, the other day I told you about The Track’s 30th Birthday this past Memorial Day Weekend – amazing!  Remember, the official 30th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and GRAND OPENING of all the new attractions is this coming Saturday, June 4th at all Track locations!  Click here for all the details.  If you’re in town, you don’t want to miss this!

For me, celebrations are on the brain this time of year.  Within about 6 weeks, our family packs in a lot of special occasions – Mother’s Day, our Anniversary and birthdays for both of my girls, and for me (remember, I was NOT one of the ones who was NOT born 30 years ago!).  Throw that on top of all of the end-of-the-school-year hoopla, and you’ve got more days of celebration than not in our house!

Now, I’m not always the hostess-with-the-mostess, but I do throw a pretty good kids’ birthday party (I’ve been told :-)).  We’ve had all kinds of parties over the years – all really fun, but some a lot more “labor-intensive” (for me) than others.  I’m certainly not complaining about those, but it is really nice when we have a party that is really fun AND really easy.  I’m sure you know where I am going with this . . . some of the best (and easiest!) birthday parties we’ve had for the girls were at The Track!  In fact, I think that between the two girls, we’ve had 5 of their parties there.  So, I could be considered a “Track Birthday Party Expert.”  And there is one thing I know for sure . . . no matter what your kids’ ages they can have a GREAT birthday party at the Track.  Locals, I’m definitely talking to you, but I’m also talking to our visitors.  If your child’s birthday falls during your vacation to Branson, why not consider a party at The Track?  So, here’s the rundown on Track Birthday Parties:

First things first . . . sorry, adults, but these birthday party packages are not for you.  By all means, come and celebrate your birthday at The Track, but get your best deal by buying the Loaded Go-Card with the School’s Out for Summer Special Offer!  OK – back to Track Birthday Parties.  Here’s the inside track on having your child’s birthday party at the various Track locations:

  • Track 3 – Best location for parties for the littlest ones (ages 6 and under)! Track 3 has the most extensive kids’ ride area:  Rio Grande Train (36″ and up), Spinning Tea Cups (36″ and up, under 36″ can ride with adult), NEW Swinging Pirate Ship (36″ AND 4 yrs old, under 36″ and under 4 yrs old can ride with adult), and Kiddie Go-Karts (38″ AND 4 yrs and up).  There is also a very cute party room right next to the kids’ area – very convenient (and air-conditioned!).  Track 3 is also a great party option for kids who are budding go-kart enthusiasts! Listen to all of these go-kart options – Rookie Track (48″ and up), which is great for kids who are too tall to drive the Kiddie Karts, but too short to drive the Classic Karts; Classic Track and the NEW Road Course Track (both 54″ to drive, 36″ and up to ride as a passenger*); and, of course, Wild Woody (58″ to drive, 36″ and up to ride as a passenger*).  Each of these tracks is unique, but all are sure to be a great time!  Also at Track 3 – Bumper Boats (44″ AND 6 yrs and up to drive, 36″ and up to ride as a passenger*), Lost Mine Mini Golf, the Arcade and the NEW Tri-Oval Track (54″ AND valid driver’s license to drive) – sorry, no kids on this one!  Parents, you’ll love it!
  • Track 4 – Best party location for biggest variety and the place to ROCK! Track 4 is, of course, the home of the NEW Heavy Metal High Rise (58″ to drive, 36″ and up to ride as a passenger) – a must-ride this year! Click here to see how it ROCKS!  Also at Track 4 – Go-Karts of all sizes (Kiddie, Rookie and Classic), kids’ rides – Star Wheel Ferris Wheel (40 lb. max) and Spinning Tops (36″ and up), Bumper Boats, Gator Golf, the Arcade, Bumper Cars (54″ to drive, 36″ and up to ride as a passenger*) and the thrilling Ozark Mountain Skycoaster (42″ and up)!  The party room is located next to the arcade – great central location to all of the park’s attractions!  Also, you are in very close proximity to Pizza World (the best pizza buffet in Branson!) and Andy’s Frozen Custard (my favorite cold treat in town!).
  • Track 5 – Best party location for most indoor options! Track 5’s most unique indoor option is Lazer Runner Laser Tag.  I had no idea how popular this attraction was until my daughter had her birthday party at this location last summer!  The kids (both boys and girls of all ages) came back again and again to play – they LOVED it!  Also unique to this location is G-Force, a drag race simulator (36″ and up).  This ride is really thrilling, but not too scary for the younger set – a gentle introduction to the adrenaline rush!  Track 5 offers many of the same great attractions as the other locations – Classic and Rookie Go-Karts, Bumper Boats and the Arcade.  It also has the Track’s original high-rise track, the Lumber Jack (58″ to drive, 36″ and up to ride as a passenger*).  The party room is really festive and is located on the same floor as the snack bar and Laser Tag.

*Passengers must ride with a licensed-driver.

Hard to decide, isn’t it?!  I’m pretty sure that no matter which location you pick, your kids will have a GREAT time!  So, come on out to the Track and CELEBRATE!!