Branson Tracks

Rock Memorial Day Weekend!

Introducing . . . A Mom with the “Inside Track”!!
This is BIG!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Whether you can believe it or not (I’m in the “can’t believe it” camp), the SUMMER is upon us!  Though my kids still have a couple of days of school left, a feeling of excitement has already started to transform our household.  I can just hear my girls now – more play dates! sleeping in (yes, my tween already recognizes the bliss of this)! swimming, swimming and more swimming!  Whatever the excitement over summer is in your house, one thing is probably true for all of us . . . There really is something special about summer!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, a time when we pause to remember the sacrifice of those who have died in service to our nation – a BIG THANK YOU to all of these men and women!  Memorial Day Weekend has also become the traditional kick-off to summer.  I can’t think of a better way to start your summer than with a visit to Branson – it’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend!

So, if I were you, this is how I would rock my Memorial Day Weekend and kick off my summer in Branson:

1)  Spend plenty of time at The Track (surprise, surprise!) – ALL locations are open!  Whether you want to try go-karts, bumper boats, mini-golf, laser tag or the arcades (good indoor fun!), kids’ rides, or even the skycoaster (for all you dare-devils!), there is something for everyone in your family!  I will say, though, that you MUST ride the new Heavy Metal High Rise at Track 4.  OH . . . MY . . . GOODNESS!  We spent an afternoon trying it out about a month ago with a group of friends and their kids.  Though the tiniest of the bunch couldn’t ride, most of the kids could at least ride as passengers (36″ or taller).  I’m not gonna lie, some of the kids were a little scared to ride at first.  But, I bet you can guess what happened . . . after they rode Heavy Metal High Rise once, they couldn’t get enough!  It definitely ROCKS!

Notice the wide range of ages of our kids. It's probably not hard to see that the adults are outnumbered!

**Inside Track Tip**  Take advantage of the “School’s Out for Summer” special promotion:  Buy online the Loaded Go-Card for $70 instead of the ticket-counter price of $80.  It looks like this:

This card comes with credits that can be used for any Track activity, so you don’t have to worry about deciding up front exactly which activities you want to do.  Also, you can use the same card for everyone in your party (if you’re anything like me, this is very good news.  One of my children – who will remain unnamed – would probably only be able to keep track of her own card for about, oh, 10 seconds!  The family card is indeed very nice!).  Another great perk for buying the Loaded Go-Card for your family is that once you use up the original credits, you can buy additional credits for HALF PRICE – not just the rest of the weekend, but for the REST OF THE YEAR (until December 31, 2011)!!  Yes, as many credits as you want on this trip and on any other trip you take to Branson this year.  Can someone give me a, “Wow!  That’s a GREAT VALUE!!”

2)  Make a splash at White Water – While you’re visiting the Track, you can purchase One-Day White Water Admission Tickets for $32.00 ($28.67 + tax)!  Big savings!  These special tickets are good for ALL AGES.  And, a special bonus . . . children ages 3 and under are FREE.  Now that’s a deal!

3)  Visit Silver Dollar City – Right now the Bluegrass and BBQ Festival is going on.  I’ve got two things to say about that – GREAT food and GREAT music! Plus, there is a NEW area for your younger kids (ages 3-7) to play called Half Dollar Holler (Sniff, sniff – how did my kids get too old for this?!).  This is in addition to the family-friendly Grand Exposition area (my kids LOVE this!) of the park.  For more great information, check out Silver Dollar City’s Mom Blog.

Whew!  Action-packed?  Yes.  Totally worth it?  Absolutely!

Come to Branson and make your Memorial Day Weekend ROCK!!