The LumberJack


Converted from a mini golf course, The LumberJack was the original wooden high-rise go-kart track in Branson, Missouri. At three stories, it truly took go-karting to new heights for The Track, and it is still the favorite of many today. It is two huge spirals of fun!


Track 5

Year Built



3 stories


1,186 ft.

Awesome High Rise Go-Karting Features

Wooden construction and riding surface, 2 full spirals, 1 blind peak, and a logging theme around the track (including two of the few remaining "steam donkeys" in existence)!

Age/Height Requirements

Drivers - 58" & up
Passengers - 36" & up


Driver 10.00
Driver + Passenger* 12.00

*Two (2.00) credits required for passengers not meeting age/height requirements. Regular number of credits required for passengers meeting age/height requirements. For all rides allowing passengers, the height requirement for the passenger is 36". All driver and passenger age/height requirements are subject to change without notice.

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