Branson Tracks

Heavy Metal High Rise

What Drives Kids These Days?

Their Very Own Driving License, Of Course!

For only $9.99 plus tax, that dream can come true right before their eyes!

Only available @ Track 4 location.


Heavy Metal High Rise is the new steel and concrete go-kart track reaching over four stories at Track 4 in Branson, Missouri. Some fast facts about it: 1,200 linear feet long, 700 cubic yards of concrete and 200 tons of steel! After climbing a four-story spiral, it has a thrilling, three-tiered slope back to the ground!


Track 4

Year Built



4 stories


1,200 ft.

Age/Height Requirements

Drivers - 58" & up
Passengers - 36" to under 58"


Driver $12.00 + tax
Driver + Passenger* $16.50 + tax

*Passengers cannot be taller than 58" tall on this ride.
For all rides allowing passengers, the height requirement for the passenger is 36". On Heavy Metal High Rise, passengers cannot exceed 58". All driver and passenger age/height requirements are subject to change without notice.

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