Branson Tracks

Bumper Rides


We have a few rides where bumping is allowed - and actually encouraged! Bumper Boats are a great way to cool off in Branson. We actually prefer the name SuperSoaker Boats, as they are equipped with water cannons. These turn a traditional bumper boat ride (where bumping is your key to soaking) into a strategic water battle!

Try out the Bumper Cars at Track 4 if you prefer your bumping without the supersoaking. Your entire family will enjoy this classic ride!

Age/Height Requirements

Bumper Boats* - 44" AND 6 yrs. & up
Bumper Cars** - 54" & up


Driver $9.00 + tax
Driver + Passenger $11.00 + tax

*The height requirement for Bumper Boat passengers is 36". Guests meeting the driver height requirement may not ride as a passenger on Bumper Boats.

**The height requirement for Bumper Car passengers is 42".

All driver and passenger age/height requirement are subject to change without notice.

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