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“SPECIALS” – Gotta Love That!
It’s That Time of Year . . . SDC’s National KidsFest!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Something extraordinary happened today in Branson . . . it rained!!  I mean, it really, really rained!

Don’t worry.  Usually, I am not so enthused.  In the past, it always seemed to rain on the days that we planned to go to White Water (speaking of White Water, be sure to check this out!).  As you can imagine, there were some pretty unhappy campers around here when that happened (me included!). But today, no one was complaining . . . we REALLY needed the rain!

Now, there may have been a few businesses who wished this much-needed rain would have decided to visit us in the middle of the night rather than first thing in the morning.  You know, places like Silver Dollar City, White Water, State Park Marina, The Track . . . yeah, they don’t like the rain so much – from a business-standpoint, anyway.  But, fully indoor places like IMAX, Dixie Stampede, Titanic, Hollywood Wax Museum . . . well, I imagine these spots are hoppin’ today!

Here’s the good news . . . the weather for the rest of the week is lookin’ pretty nice – warm with a low chance of rain most days – so you will be able to experience ALL that Branson has to offer.  But even if the skies decide to open up again, rest assured that there is plenty to do inside.  I’ve already mentioned a few great options, but I would be remiss if I failed to mention the indoor fun your family can have at . . . you guessed it – The Track!

At both Track 3 and Track 5, your family can have a great time in the arcades (remember that Track 4’s arcade is a thing of the past for now – thanks a lot, tornado :-(), and at Track 5 you can play a thrilling game of Laser Tag!  So, rain or shine, pack up that car and come on down!