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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Mini golf . . . now, here is something for the entire family.

Granted, each family has different ideas about what a good mini golf game looks like. Some are just in it for the leisurely pace – they simply enjoy playing the game.  Other families a bit more competitive – it’s all about the end result!

And other families like to get creative, making up their own rules of play.  Some families have members with contrasting views of what makes a “good mini golf game” – if you are in one of those families, you know how interesting that can be.

What kind of family do you think this is?

The Track has two different 18-hole mini golf courses for your family to enjoy . . . Lost Mine is located at Track 3 and Gator Golf is at Track 4.  A quick insider tip . . . you have to go to the main building ticket counter at both of these locations to get your clubs (lots of sizes!) and golf balls (lots of colors!).  If you go straight to the mini golf courses expecting to be able to get clubs and balls there, you will be disappointed.  So, don’t do that!

And something else . . . kids aged 3 and under are FREE!  Some of my favorite memories are of my girls at this age on the mini golf course.  They obviously had little control of the ball, but there sure tired themselves out trying!

So, make mini golf a part of your next visit to The Track.  You’ll be glad you did!