Branson Tracks

Party Time!

Spring into Branson!
Bring On Summer!

This past weekend was my daughter’s 10th birthday.

Having your youngest child enter her second decade was a little jarring . . . I mean, I’m not old enough for that, right?!

Apparently, I am.

To celebrate this right of passage, we had a great big party – a riddle hunt, to be exact.  Yes, we toted lots of giggling ten year old girls around Branson in a caravan of “mom” cars from one clue to the next.  I knew they would enjoy it, but I have to admit that I was quite impressed at their enthusiasm all the way through!

The final stop on our destination – the climax, if you will – was Track 5.  Boy, we sure picked a great Track location for the party.  It was a bit chilly for outdoor things, and Track 5 has plenty of great indoor things to do . . . arcade and laser tag, here we come!

Now, I’m here to tell you . . . some people may be surprised that little girls would be so entertained by arcade games and laser tag, but they definitely were.  Many of them had never played laser tag before, but it was a big hit! (Speaking of big hits . . . we didn’t get to do the new batting cages this time, but this is your friendly reminder that they are ready and waiting for you!)

Honestly, is this not the greatest picture?

You can tell how much fun they are having . . . I think they thoroughly enjoyed the black light effect too!

All in all in was a great evening, and I’m glad that we chose to make the Track a big part of it.  Take a look at these great birthday party packages for your spring and summer kiddos – you’ll be glad you did!