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Oh Yeah, She Did!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

So, you might recall from my last post that we were having a lazy, hazy day of summer at home despite the repeated requests from both of my daughters to go “do something fun.”  By the end of the afternoon, each of the girls had a friend over with plans for a sleepover (my poor, outnumbered husband).  I think this qualified as getting to “do something fun.”  They were perfectly content.

But, I had something up my sleeve.  You see, every once in a while, I like to surprise them with a mom-initiated, “Let’s go do something fun!”  When I told them my plan, there was loud squeals and lots of jumping around . . . We were headed to Track 4.

When we arrived, I insisted on taking a “pre-fun” picture out in front of the building.  They were dying to get into the arcade, but humored me enough to get this shot:

Once in the arcade, they were off and running.  The younger two headed immediately for the huge Connect 4 . . . I have to admit, I really love this game too!  The only tricky thing is that there is a time limit for each turn – no time to sit and contemplate your strategy on this one!

The older girls chose an oldie, but a goodie (gotta love shooting a few hoops!), as well as this new game that is also quite fun!

And then . . . things got REALLY exciting.

Yes, the younger girls were on a mission to try to win the most tickets possible.  They even vowed that they would pool their tickets and share their loot at the end of the night.  They had a pretty good strategy . . . only play the games that had the potential to yield the most tickets.

All of a sudden, I hear squealing (for the second time of the evening!) and decide that I should go investigate.  I didn’t have to look far before I figured out the source of the excitement:

OH YEAH, SHE DID!  She won the Monster Jackpot . . . 3000 tickets.  Here is a closer look:

And, this picture was taken when only about half of the 3000 tickets had spilled out of the machine.  It was unbelievable!!  Now, I expected the excitement from the girls – they certainly succeeded in their mission to win the most tickets possible!  But, what I didn’t expect was becoming an “arcade celebrity.”

Oh yeah.  You would not believe the number of people who started gathering around the game, talking to us about our winnings, and asking us what we were going to buy with the tickets.  There were so many nice, friendly people sharing in the girls’ excitement!  It was such a fun moment.

The girls rushed over to the ticket counter (or ticket-eater, as I like to call it) and started feeding it their winnings.  It kept them interested for a while, but then they were off to ride bumper cars, leaving me inside the arcade to finish the job.  Now, I am not trying to rub it in, but you just can’t imagine how long it took to feed all those tickets into that machine!  When I finally finished and printed out the receipt, I promptly gave it to my husband for safe keeping.  The girls eventually decided on these fun prizes – my personal favorite is the huge slinky that has since been crawling down my stairs . . . over and over and over again.

The adrenaline from the jackpot-win propelled us over to the Heavy Metal High Rise.  My daughter is tall enough to drive (over 58″), but wasn’t sure if she was ready to do it on her own.  Even though I am the “mom with the inside track,” I had forgotten that if a person is over 58″ tall, he/she cannot ride as a passenger on the Heavy Metal High Rise.  On all other tracks, passengers can be over 58″, but not on this one.

So, she had a decision to make.  Without much convincing, she decided to take her first solo drive on the Heavy Metal High Rise!  And, she loved it!  Of course, we had to celebrate with one of these fine pics (the first of many this season, I’m sure):

The older girls jumped in as well (Should I be worried? Seriously, where did they learn these faces?!):

What a great night!  I think it’s pretty safe to say that even without the jackpot win, they would have had a whole lot of fun!  The summer is off to a great start!