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New Year, New Go Card!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Happy New Year!

Branson is a lot quieter this week, which is a little strange for us locals. Though some businesses close their doors for a couple of months after the busy holiday season, did you know that if the weather is mild, The Track is open on weekends all year long?

A weekend trip to Branson during the “slow season” can actually be quite pleasant, especially in the traffic department. So, if you find yourself with cabin fever and want to get away this winter, check out The Track’s operating schedule. The great thing about this schedule is that it shows which locations are scheduled to be open (Track 4 is the one this winter) AND what attractions are open right that minute.

Another great piece of news . . . the 2016 Go Card is available for purchase either online or at The Track. If you don’t know about this deal, you are missing out! The Go Card is your best value at The Track. Why? Here are my top three reasons:

1)  When you buy the Go Card, you get bonus credits . . . more for your money (especially if you buy online – 10 extra bonus credits)!

2)  The credits on your Go Card never expire . . . no risk in case you don’t make your trip as planned!

3)  Once you use your Go Card credits, you can buy HALF-PRICE credits for the rest of 2016 . . . what a deal!

This is a no-brainer, right?


We’ll see you in Branson!