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It’s Fall, Y’all!
Christmas is Here . . . What?!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

It has been a beautiful fall in the Ozarks!

Because we had such a dry summer, I was surprised to see how vibrant the changing leaves have been this year.  I guess you just never know.

But, I’ll tell you something I do know . . . there are some pretty cool changes going on at The Track this off-season.  The first one will probably not come as a huge surprise, especially if you follow The Track on Facebook. But, just in case . . .

Track 4 is getting a brand new building!

Now, I have insider information that reports that some of you wandered around Track 4 this past summer searching for a place to cool off.  If it was your first visit to The Track, you might have been a bit put-off by the fact that you couldn’t find any.  Granted, it would seem a bit peculiar not to have any indoor space at a facility like Track 4.  But, believe me . . . it was NOT planned.  In fact, there was a nice, cool building until earlier this year when this unfortunate incident occurred:

Yeah, that was what Track 4 looked like after the Leap Day tornado.  Crazy, huh?!  Thankfully, The Track has started construction on a new building at this facility that will house a new ticketing area and all-new, state-of-the-art arcade.  One other fun fact – this new building is going to be located close to Heavy Metal High Rise, which is across the parking lot from where it used to be.

Also at this location, The Track is building an addition onto Pizza World that will serve as overflow seating for the restaurant (a need for overflow seating = great food!) and as The Track’s birthday party room.  Gator Golf mini-golf course is also getting a facelift.

So, is any other Track location feelin’ the love this off-season?  You bet!

Track 5 is getting something that the area really needs.  I mean, nearly every month I hear people bemoaning the fact that Branson doesn’t have any batting cages.  Whoops. There’s the punch line . . . Track 5 is getting batting cages for the 2013 season!

These four stations of batting cages will pitch both baseball and softball at four different speeds – that’s fancy!  I am particularly excited about this addition because it is a real asset for both locals (watch out, I’ve been told I have a mean swing!) and tourists.  Be sure to bring your family out for a little batting practice (and bragging rights!) this spring!

So, there you have it.  Be sure to plan a visit to The Track in 2013 . . . all this new stuff is just around the corner!