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Neon and NATURE!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Branson . . . big lights, small city.  Yes!

But, Branson is much more than that.  It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the region, and one of the things that makes it so pretty is Table Rock Lake.

I would venture to guess that many Branson tourists have not taken advantage of all the fun family activities on the lake, so I’m going to take some time today to let you in on a few of them.  You should definitely consider including a trip to the lake in your travel plans this summer!

The good news is that since you have (or are planning to buy!) a Track Go-Card (for a Go-Card refresher, click here), you can get a great discount for fun at State Park Marina.  Check it out:

That’s right.  Your Go-Card entitles you to a FREE ski or tube rental when you rent a boat.  I don’t know about you, but watching my kids tube is one of the greatest things about summer – the joy or their faces (until they fall off!) is so fun to watch!  And, getting the tube rental free sure puts a look of pure joy on my face too!  There are several types of boats available for rental at State Park Marina, but new this year is this sure-to-provide-a-full-day-of-fun boat.  Yes, that is a SLIDE off the back!  Super fun!

Other thrilling activities at State Park Marina include riding WaveRunners, going Para-Sailing or Scuba Diving, and taking a ride of the Spirit of America!  And, let me tell you . . . the Boathouse Store is definitely worth the visit.  It is not your average marina-side store.  Sure, it has all the boating and fishing and souvenir basics you would expect, but it also has some VERY cute shoes, hats, swimsuit cover-ups, etc.  You will be impressed!

Another great family activity on Table Rock Lake is a visit to Moonshine Beach, which is located close to the Chateau on the Lake.  Now, before I tell you all about this fun spot, I want to tell you about something that took place at Moonshine Beach a couple of weekends ago . . . the “King of Wake” MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour.  Yes, Moonshine Beach was the home of Stop #3 of this tour, and let me tell you, it was a VERY cool event.  My family volunteered at the hospitality tent and got a front row seat to all the action!  And guess what, you can see all of the action from the comfort of your living room on the NBC Sports Network on August 14th at 3:00 p.m. (central time).  Check it out!

So, back to Moonshine Beach for your family!  This is a great place for your family to hang out for a few hours or an entire day.  It costs $5 per carload to enter the park.  There is no on-site food or drink available, so be sure to bring plenty of your own!  The large pavilion can be rented for the day if you have a large group (like a family reunion).  If not, there are quite a few picnic tables and grills for use.  There are adequate bathroom facilities and even a nice playground near the picnic areas.

The beach itself is really great (not Destin, Florida, but sure to still provide lots of hours of fun!).  Most of it is sand (so be sure to bring your castle-building equipment!), but close to the water’s edge is gravel.  So, I recommend bringing rubber-soled water shoes both for traction and comfort when playing in the water.    I would also suggest bringing some kind of shade – an umbrella, a pop-up tent, etc.  It gets really toasty out there during the afternoon!  The swimming area is relatively shallow, which makes playing in the water with kids of all ages enjoyable.  You will love it!

So, of course take in all the “neon” that Branson has to offer . . . but be sure to take some time on your vacation to enjoy the beautiful Table Rock Lake.  Your kids will thank you!