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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

If you’ve read many of my posts, you know that I am a Branson local who really does love to take in all that our town has to offer.  I don’t want my kids to be grown and to realize that we had so much at our doorstep that we never took advantage of!

Last year, we discovered a show that we saw not just once . . . not just twice . . . but THREE times!!  Obviously, we are super-fans of this show, so you can imagine our disappointment when it seemed as though this talented group was not coming back to Branson for another season.

Well, I am happy to announce that that was a nasty rumor . . . they are back!  So, who is this group that we love so much?

I’ll give you a few hints:

  1. This group is comprised of four guys.
  2. They are from Sweden.
  3. Their specialty is “rhythm artistry.”

Any guesses? (By the way, I do realize that you can just shift your eyes down a bit on this post and find the answer, but please humor me!)  The answer is . . .

Yes, it’s a funny name.  And yes, it’s a funny show.  But, it is totally unique and totally impressive and totally entertaining.  And, you should totally take your family to see it!

JEERK is playing this summer at the Moon River Theater, which is right across the street from Track 3.  Now, here’s the deal . . . JEERK is only here from now until the end of July, so I am really hoping that you will be in Branson when they are!  Click here for their full show schedule.

And to make things even better, check out this Track special – the “Brake Dance Package!”  That’s right, The Track has partnered up with JEERK to offer you an awesome deal!  For $100 you get 6 Track activities (go-karts, mini-golf, bumper boats, etc) and a JEERK Family Pass (2 adults, 2 kids) . . . that’s over $30 in savings!

While you’re on the Moon River Theater website, take some time to check out the other shows they are offering this summer:

"Finalists," as in a group of American Idol finalists!

My husband and daughter went to see this show this week and gave it two thumbs up!!  They even stopped to chat with Ace and Diana:

You may recognize this third group featured at Moon River Theater from NBC’s “The Sing Off.”  I’ve heard it is a fantastic show!

So, pick a show or two (or three!) to add to your Branson itinerary – you’ll be glad you did!