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Look Over There . . . to Your Left!!

Another Mom with the Inside Track!
Get Your Group On!
Amy, a mom with the “inside track,” and her daughters.

Are you looking to your left?  No, not over your left shoulder, but to the left of your screen!

You will see a NEW feature on this humble blog . . . you can now sign up to get updates every time I (or whomever else I might let on here :-)) post.  I’m just going to be honest – I want a lot of followers on this blog!  You know why?  Because if you follow this blog, you will probably learn some things (some might call them, collectively, the “inside track”) that you might not know otherwise. And these things can help make your time in Branson better!

That’s the goal!

So, go on over to the “Sign Up for Updates” section and enter your email address.  You will then have to click on a link to confirm your subscription to the blog – easy! Don’t worry . . the emails that are collected will be used ONLY to send you updates to this blog.  Now, I would recommend also signing up for Trackmail (look up at the top of your screen).  If you sign up for Trackmail, you will be notified via email of special Track deals and promotions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Now you are officially set, and you too will have the “inside track!”  Have a great weekend!