Branson Tracks

Life on Track – Don’t Just Hear It . . . Experience It!

Labor Day!
Fall in Branson = Big Fun!

Today I get to tell you about something very cool that happened in Branson last week.  For the second year, The Track, in coordination with the Branson Police Department, held a great series of events for local junior high and high school students called “Life on Track.”

This program focuses on educating our youth about the real dangers of drunk, but also distracted, driving (anyone ever see someone texting while driving?!) in a hands-on way.  So, here’s what happened . . . the students were given special goggles that simulated what it would look like to drive while drunk.  Here’s a shot of the goggles (stylish, huh?!):

Then, the students had to drive around the go-kart track with those goggles on to see how difficult is really is to stay on track.  Most of the students found it even more difficult than expected and couldn’t believe how badly they scored (that’s exactly the intention!).  Look at all of those cones in the path!

The students also participated in a “texting-while-driving” simulation, which they found equally as challenging.  These guys don’t look too happy about their results:

I feel sure that because these kids didn’t just hear about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving, but also got to experience it, that they will long remember what they learned.  Way to go Track Family Fun Parks for bringing such an important educational opportunity to our community!

To see what our local media had to report about this event, click here and here too!