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The Race is On!
Happy 4th and Listen Up!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

I must begin this post with a disclaimer . . . I am not usually a mom who readily laughs at potty humor.  If fact (ask my girls), I usually give a pretty good disapproving stare whenever things start to go there.  Yes, even in a house with just daughters, it sometimes goes there.  Sigh.

But (don’t judge), I do seem to fall apart when a whoopee cushion enters the picture.

Let me tell you about our outing to the Track a couple of nights ago . . .

Our youngest had a friend spend the night, so we decided it would be fun to spend a couple of hours at Track 4.  The night started off with dinner at Pizza World – yum – and then we headed over to the Bumper Boats (following my own advice to beat the heat – remember this post?).  The girls had a great time getting soaked, and my husband and I had a great time helping to soak them.  Oh, yes.  We put our quarters in those water canons by the side of the pool and went on the offensive.  Of course, by doing so, we got pretty wet in the process, especially when our time ran out and we were left defenseless!

After Bumper Boats, we headed over to the Heavy Metal High Rise – it does not get old! – and then my husband and the girls took a turn on the Bumper Cars.  It is no wonder that this attraction has stood the test of time – it’s just good old-fashioned fun!  After they got off, there was a large group that all got on the Bumper Cars at once.  I wish I had taken a picture (though they would have thought I was weird) because their time on those Bumper Cars perfectly illustrated what I was talking about in my post earlier this week – experiencing the Track as a big group just multiplies the fun!

Anyway, the girls then decided they wanted to ride the Spinning Tops.  The ride attendant asked them if they wanted to spin a little or a lot.  I’m sure you can guess what they said – “A LOT!”  Oh, my.  I practically got sick just watching them spin, but it didn’t seem to faze the girls – they LOVED it!  Click here to see them in action!

I was expecting them to stumble off of the ride, but no such thing.  They wanted to do it again!  After that, we went over and rode the Classic track and then decided to end the evening with a “few” games in the arcade.  You know how that goes 🙂

Between them, the girls accumulated a lot of tickets – enough to buy, much to my delight (ha ha), a whoopee cushion and a few other little treasures:

Prizes make us happy!

Seems innocent enough, right?  Wrong.  This is the point in this post where you must just humor me, OK?  The whoopee cushion soon took over the evening.

The whoopee exerts itself as a force to be reckoned with!

OK, moving on . . . so after we left the arcade, we decided to go get some photos at the Heavy Metal High Rise photo spot.  The girls are apparently under-cover rockers.  They even improvised when they discovered that the microphone was missing from the set (I’m told it’s fixed now, by the way):

Do you see whoopee?

They are naturals!

Then, we went over to Andy’s to have a treat, and whoopee displayed its musical talents as we walked up toward the very crowded lines.  There was snickering and chuckling on the part of those innocently waiting for their treats, but this mom didn’t think it was so funny anymore.  At this point, whoopee went into time-out in my back pocket.

We headed home, and I returned whoopee to the girls (what was I thinking?!).  As you can imagine, fun with whoopee continued until late in the evening.  It was a little tiresome, I must admit, but that didn’t stop me from laughing (over and over and over) – I told you that the whoopee is my weakness!

So, you’ve done it!  You’ve humored me and finished reading this silly post.  Now, go on over to the Track and let your kids get that whoopee cushion if you dare!