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It’s That Time of Year . . . SDC’s National KidsFest!

Get the Go-Card!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Today, I wanted to take some time to highlight one of the greatest sources of family entertainment in Branson.  It’s that place that helps us “create memories worth repeating,”  and we certainly do as we come back year after year. Yes,  it’s . . . .

Silver Dollar City!!

Last weekend they opened their National KidsFest which runs from June 9th – July 22nd.  If you’ve been before, you know what a great festival this is!  If you haven’t . . . well, this is your year!!

Last week, my entire family, including my parents and my sister and her family headed out to Silver Dollar City for the afternoon.  Naturally, we had a great time.  I mean, if this doesn’t scream “joy!” then I don’t know what does:

Now, if that fine photo doesn’t convince you to pack your bags and head on over to Silver Dollar City, then may I tempt you with some of these fine features:

This is The Fabulous Wallenda Family Circus!  If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel superstar and Guinness World-Record high-wire walked, Nik Wallenda, then you must come see this show!  Even if you aren’t already a fan, you will be after seeing this amazing act!  So, how about this next feature:

Doesn’t this look amazing?  This is Gazillion Bubbles – you may have seen this group featured on one of the popular national morning shows (impressive, huh?!).  I don’t know about you, but I’m IN for anything that combines lasers, special lighting and bubble masterpieces!  This one is sure to keep the attention of ALL of your kids – no matter if they are boys or girls, younger or older.  This is a win-win show!  OK, last one:

Even though this picture has already told you the name of the show, I’m going to say it again . . . this is Luma!  I’m not really sure how to describe this show except that it is all about LIGHT and is incredible!  Your entire family will love it!

Clearly, there is SO much to do at Silver Dollar City in a day, so be sure to get there early so that you have plenty of time to take it all in.  However, I do have one small request . . .

Save some energy for The Track!!