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It’s Cousin Time! (Part 3)

It’s Cousin Time (Part 2)
Group Up!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Their wish was granted.

We spent the better part of the next two days having a blast at The Track!  We probably visited the parks a total of five or six separate times, and each time we did something different.  Having our Go Card loaded up with credits made it easy to come play for a while at one park, and then head to another park to play some more.

Remember, the credits are good at all Track locations, and if you have plenty on your card, you can hop right out of your car and head to the fun . . . no standing in line at the ticket counter every time you visit!  And while I’m on this topic, I should say that when you do run out of credits, you have several options for re-loading your Go Card:

  1. Reload at the ticket counter.  This is a good option if you also want to buy drinks, or if you need your kids to be measured to ensure they meet attraction height requirements.  More about that here.
  2. Reload at one of the recharge kiosks located on property.  This is a good option if all that you need is more credits!
  3. Reload online.  Go Card holders can register their cards online, check card history and balance, and, of course, load up with more credits!  The great thing about this option is that you can do it whenever is convenient for you!

Now back to “It’s Cousin Time!” The kids were especially enthusiastic about the arcades, especially the potential to collect tickets!  Here is one of my girls showing off her winnings:

They also had quite a good time with the photo booth . . . those just never get old, do they?!

My nephew, who is a baseball stud (proud aunt here!), had a great time trying out the batting cages:

Of course, we also had to visit Pizza World, located at Track 4, and Andy’s Frozen Custard.  In fact, I think we were trying to set a record for how many days in a row one could eat Andy’s!  The only Andy’s negative was that the key lime pie concrete was not available until the day after my nephew left.  He was lobbying for a vacation extension just so he could taste it!  If you haven’t tried it . . . it really is that good!

We also spent some time at White Water.  I have to say that White Water is one of the cleanest water parks you will ever go to.  This summer I visited another water park (in another state) that was an absolute blast, but it just didn’t measure up in cleanliness.  I guess I didn’t realize how good we have it at White Water . . . it’s clean and a blast!  And remember that Track guests receive a coupon for $5 off the price of a White Water ticket, so if you plan to go to White Water on your visit, be sure to check that out!

My sister-in-law and nephew’s visit ended with us wishing we had just a few more days to spend together . . . that’s the mark of a great visit, don’t you think?