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It’s Cousin Time (Part 2)

It’s Cousin Time! (Part 1)
It’s Cousin Time! (Part 3)

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

So, after the first part of our first-day-cousin adventures, we headed back to meet my husband for dinner.  Remember it was pouring by now.  A few minutes from Silver Dollar City, my sister-in-law realized that someone (we won’t name any names!) left the back window of her car completely rolled down in my driveway.

Oops . . . that’s never a good way to start a vacation.

Upon realizing the situation, as if that weren’t bad enough, we realized that her car keys were with us.  Suddenly, the fact that my husband was at home and could “just roll up the windows” wasn’t going to cut it. We made a somewhat frantic call to him, hoping that he had not left the house so that he could put a tarp over the car.

Thankfully, he was home AND it had not been raining at our house – whew!  I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of his handy work.  I mean there was no way any rain was getting in there!!  Crisis averted.

All of this, of course, set back our dinner plans, and so we settled for drive-through burgers eaten in the parking lot of the RFD-TV Theater.  Why there?  Because our plan for the evening was to go see JEERK.  We absolutely love this show.  It’s a combination of street tap (think WAY beyond typical tap dancing) and rock music . . . all original, all high energy, all fun!

Here are the kids with some of the “jeerks”:

If you are coming to Branson in the next few weeks, you really should consider adding this show to your itinerary.  But hurry, they are only here until August 4th!

So, after this I am thinking that it’s time to head home.  We have already packed a ton into just a few hours, and the kids (and by that I mean I) really need some rest.  How well do you think that went over?

Not well.

My sister-in-law (she is a saint!) offered to take the kids to The Track “for one Classic Track ride.”  OK, that will work.  She left with three very excited kids, and my husband and I headed home.  We were home long enough for me to start thinking that they should be back any minute when I received this picture:

Followed quickly by this picture:

That doesn’t look like the Classic Track, does it?  Oh no.  This is the SkyCoaster!  These kids can’t get enough of this!

They came home all keyed up – I guess that’s what an adrenaline rush will do to you!  We started talking about our plans for the next couple of days, and the kids kept saying, “Really all we want to do is go to The Track!”

I loved that in this instance, we could say, “Wish granted!”