Branson Tracks

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like . . .

Up, Up, and Away!
Branson . . . Christmas Style!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.


Am I confusing you?  Shouldn’t I be writing something about giving thanks?  After all, we are less than a week away from Turkey Day, right?

Well, yes.  But, I must remind you that this is Branson.  Here in our little town we barely get through Halloween (much less Thanksgiving) before those Christmas decorations start going up along the strip, in businesses, and even in (over-achievers) homes.  Ozark Mountain Christmas makes its debut on November 1st, ready or not!

When I first arrived in town, I will admit that I was a little disturbed by this phenomena.  But over time, I’ve come to appreciate the enthusiasm that Branson has for the Christmas season.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have certainly not embraced it to the point of (even thinking about) having my home decorated with lights, garland and bows before I’ve had one bite of turkey and pumpkin pie.  But, there are benefits . . .


As you are probably aware, Branson has some great shopping.  Contrary to what my husband may believe, I am not much of a shopper.  I should probably stop right here and define my terms before I get called a liar. . . by “shopper” I mean someone who actually enjoys browsing around in stores and who may or may not actually buy something.  No, I am not by this definition a “shopper.”  I am, however, a “buyer on a mission.”  You see, when I realize that it’s time (or I want) to buy something, I’m going to buy it as quickly as possible (usually in the first store I choose to go in).

So, why am I telling you this? Well, in my pre-Branson life (where the Christmas season was not visually upon me until after Thanksgiving), my “buyer on a mission” status often led me to Christmas-gift-buying procrastination.  This.Never.Ends.Well.  But now that I live here in Branson, I can no longer say, “Christmas really snuck up on me” and be telling the truth.


So, what does this mean for me in the gift-buying department?  It means that as soon as I shift my gaze from the beautiful fall foliage to the festive Christmas lights, I become that “buyer on a mission.”  This.Always.Ends.Well.  By the time the leaves fall from the trees, the bulk of my Christmas shopping is complete.  Ahhh.

I bet you are wondering how in the world I am going to tie this “shopping” rant to anything go-kart related.  Well, wonder no more . . .

The Track has teamed up with the Tanger Outlet Mall to bring you the “Track-and-Tanger Gift Package” which gives you a $30 Track Gift Card plus 1 FREE Track ride and a $30 Tanger gift card plus a Tanger coupon book – a retail value of over $75 for $60!  This is just the encouragement you need to get that Christmas shopping done and ride some go-karts too! (yes, check out The Track’s operating schedule – at least one location is open daily from November 18th-27th, Saturdays and Sundays in December, as well as daily from December 26th-31st).

So, if you are coming to Branson to shop before Christmas this year, this is a must-get deal for you!  But, even if you are not coming to Branson to shop before Christmas this year, this is STILL a must-get deal for you!  What?  Yes, The Track will ship this package to you for FREE, and you can use it the next time you come to Branson.  What a deal!

But please do not procrastinate (remember, It.Never.Ends.Well) . . . the Track-and-Tanger Gift Package offer expires on November 27th!  Happy Shopping!