Branson Tracks

Introducing . . . A Mom with the “Inside Track”!!

Riding in the Character Parade at Branson Schools
Rock Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi!  My name is Amy, and I must confess . . . I love The Track!  So, you can imagine my excitement when The Track gave me an outlet (this blog!) to share with the world why I think The Track is a must-visit place for families who visit Branson.  For me, this opportunity brings things full circle . . . let me explain.

I have very fond memories of coming to Branson as a child in the 1980s with my family.  We lived in Texas, but headed north to meet up for a few days of fun with our Missouri cousins.  During our vacation, we did what most Branson visitors of that era did –  headed straight to Silver Dollar City!  Of course, we had a fabulous time, but do you know what my clearest memories of that vacation are?  You guessed it, the time we spent at the Track!  In fact, to this day my sister, cousins and I still laugh about the fun we had.  And, my only boy cousin (poor guy!) still counts his racing prowess that day as one of his sweetest memories – probably because he totally dominated us girls (for once!).  Ahhh, childhood memories.

OK – so fast forward (very fast!).  I met, fell in love with and married a guy.  A couple of years into our marriage, we had our first daughter and decided to make the move across the country from Houston, Texas, to good ole’ Branson (yes, you read that right – daughter and cross-country move come at practically the same time).  Why, you ask?  Well, my guy is a Branson native and had an opportunity to move home.  I was ready to join him on this adventure (read, delirious and sleep-deprived), so we did it.  Eleven years later, we’re still here . . . and I must tell you – I love living in Branson!  I already knew that it was a great place to visit; now I know that it’s a great place to live.

Unlike some locals, our family actually enjoys playing Branson tourist.  Our daughters, now 11 and 8, love experiencing all that Branson has to offer – Silver Dollar City, White Water, shows, museums, the lake, etc, etc.  But, the place we most often come is The Track.  They have literally grown up with it.  So, like I said, things have come full circle – I experienced The Track as a kid, and now I get to experience it with my girls . . . and share “the inside track” with you!

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