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I’m Still Here!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Yes, it’s really summer vacation!  And yes, I am still here chatting away on the ole’ blog!  For those of you who are visiting for the first time, let me introduce myself . . .

I am Amy, a mom with the “inside track!”

For the past year, I’ve been posting on this blog with such gusto that the “higher ups” have decided to change the name of it from “Track Blog” to “Mom Blog” AND they even gave it a prominent place on the newly designed Track website (check out the Home page – we’re the third picture on the rotating features!).  In other words . . . the pressure is on!

So here’s my plan . . . for the rest of the summer, I am going to do my best to give you the info you need to make your trip to Branson the best it can be.  Of course, I’ll be doing a lot of talking about the Track (you can’t blame me!), but I will also spend quite a bit of time talking about other great things to do while you’re visiting our town.  If you’ve followed my posts in the past, you already know that our family loves to play tourist, so I have lots of experience navigating Branson’s attractions, restaurants, and shows.  So, check back often . . . surely you’ll find something helpful (or at least entertaining or interesting!).

Want to know a little more about how I got started here on the ole’ blog?  Check out my inaugural post from 2011.  And while you’re there, you might check out some of my posts from last year . . . you just never know what you might find.  However, there are two things you should know when you are reading older posts:

  1. Do not lose your mind and think that the special offer you are reading about is still valid.  Remember, you are reading something that was written in 2011 🙂
  2. If you click on a link within a post and you get an error message, don’t get upset.  It’s not your computer or your internet service.  It’s not that the Track’s website is down.  It IS that some of those links are not valid anymore due to the Track’s website redesign 🙂

OK, now that we have all of THAT out on the table . . . happy reading!  And remember, I’ll be here all summer long!