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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe how quickly my girls are growing up . . . and not just in age.  They are getting really tall!

I do not know why this surprises me.  It really shouldn’t.  After all, kids get tall (rhyming not intended).  It’s normal.  And, to make it even more UNsurprising, both my husband and I are tall. I should have seen this coming.

Thankfully, neither of them are as tall as me . . . yet.  But, they are now tall enough to DRIVE just about all of the go-karts at The Track. That’s a real Branson-local milestone if you ask me!

What about your kids?  Do you know which Track go-karts they are tall enough to drive?

If you don’t, fear not!  I am going to try to help you out today.  But before we get to those specifics, let me give you some important “height” info:

  1. All height requirements are set by the ride manufacturer . . . this is for the SAFETY of your child and everyone else on the track.
  2. When purchasing tickets, your child will be measured by a Track employee and will be given a colored armband that indicates which rides he/she is tall enough to ride.  That armband should be worn at any Track location you visit that day.  No armband = getting measured again.
  3. Being “almost tall enough” is not tall enough.
  4. Your child has to be deemed “tall enough” by the Track employee . . . even if what you were told last week at the doctor’s office would have made him “tall enough.”

Sounds easy. Your child’s height doesn’t change within the span of your Branson vacation, right?  Actually, it can.  Hang with me . . .

Your child wears tennis shoes during your first visit to The Track.  You get him measured and discover that he is just tall enough to drive the high-rise tracks (58 inches).  This definitely makes his day (if not his entire vacation!).  You have a wonderful time at The Track . . . so much so that you decide to come back the next day, reload your Go-Card with half-price credits, and ride some more!  This day, you’ve just come from swimming at the hotel pool, and your son has on flip-flops.  Because he is not obviously tall enough to drive the high-rise tracks, he is measured again.  This time he is just shorter than 58 inches and is told that he cannot drive the high-rise tracks.  What?!  You and I both know this is no longer a pretty scene.  You will most likely protest, but will be told that he cannot drive these tracks today.  Very sad, but very true.

So, how do you avoid this?

Have your kids wear the same shoes (even have them wear their tallest shoes!) during your visits to The Track.  I promise that this will save you from lots of frustration!

So, how tall does your child have to be to DRIVE each type of go-kart track?

  • Kiddie Go-Karts (at Track 3 and Track 4) – 38″ and 4 years old & up
  • Rookie Go-Karts (at Tracks 3, 4, and 5) – 48″ and up
  • Classic Go-Karts (at Tracks 3, 4, and 5) – 54″ and up
  • Road Course Track (at Track 3) – 54″ and up
  • High Rise Tracks (Wild Woody at T3, Heavy Metal Highrise at T4, LumberJack at T5) – 58″ and up

What if you child wants to ride as a PASSENGER on the Classic, Road Course and High Rise Tracks?

  • Your child must be 36″ tall.
  • The driver must be a licensed driver.

So, there you go . . . your lesson on why HEIGHT MATTERS at The Track!