Branson Tracks

Heatin’ Up . . . Coolin’ Off!

Bring On Summer!
Oh Yeah, She Did!

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, we can say with certainty that the summer season is in full swing!  This has become especially apparent at my house today. . . in the past two hours, I’ve been asked if we can go to White Water, The Landing, and The Track.

Clearly, summer fun is on the brains of my two daughters.  And just as clearly, we are not at any of those fun places right now.  Nope.  As I sit here and write this post, one is in front of the TV (watching something educational, I’m sure) and the other is in her room with a friend making their own fun (which surely translates into making a big mess!).  It is a lazy, hazy day of summer at my house.

But, I can assure you that there will be plenty of days where we have plenty of summer fun – Branson style. Oh yes, we will.  And you better believe it – you will get to hear all about it!

But until then, let me give you a little INSIDER TIP for your next trip to Branson.  Are you ready?

OK.  If you are planning on going to The Track (need I even say, “IF”!) and to White Water, then let me suggest that you come have your fun at The Track first.


Because when you buy a new Track playcard (let me suggest the Go-Card, but more about that another day!), you get a special deal on White Water tickets . . . yes, that’s right.  Here’s the deal – you will get a coupon for a FREE one-day child’s ticket to White Water when you buy 2 one-day Adult tickets.  Wow! That’s a great deal!