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Happy Fourth!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

I can always tell when it’s getting close to the 4th of July.

For one, it is really starting to heat up!

I was out and about by 7:30 this morning taking my girls to their dentist appointments (no, I do not know why I scheduled us so early on a summer morning.  Believe me, I heard about it from both of my girls!).  Anyway, I was surprised at just how warm (like under-a-wool-blanket warm) it was at that hour.  I’m not complaining.  But, it definitely is starting to feel like July 4th!

So, how else do I know that it is nearing the 4th?  There are lots and lots of people flooding into town!

That’s you!  Many of you will head to Branson for the 4th of July weekend, and may I be the first to say, “Welcome”!  The week of the 4th is when the summer tourist season really kicks into high gear.  And in addition to all the great family fun that Branson always has to offer, there are some really great 4th of July festivities that you don’t want to miss!  Unfortunately, you’ll have to pick and choose.  But fortunately, you can’t go wrong!  Check these out:

Wednesday, July 3rd

  • Branson Landing 6th Annual Liberty Light Up Concert & Fireworks – The Landing is such a fun atmosphere any day of the week, but fireworks and a live concert make it tough to beat!  My best piece of advice for maximum enjoyment . . . arrive early and expect crowds. Don’t try to arrive at 6:00 or 6:30 to grab a quick bite to eat before the concert starts at 8:00.  I pulled this rookie move once and don’t suggest it (especially if you get irritable when things don’t go as planned)!  No, instead plan on eating a very early dinner and then finding a spot in front of the fountains to watch the concert and fireworks.  Yes, you’ll have some time to kill, but it will be worth it!  Oh, and the band this year is the Horn Dawgs – you will love this fun and funky Branson classic!

Thursday, July 4th

  • Independence Day Picnic and Fireworks at Big Cedar Lodge – If you’ve always wanted to see Big Cedar Lodge (and everyone should!), this might be the event for you.  Starting at 2:00, there will be a good ole’ fashioned picnic complete with games, attractions, contests, crafts, entertainment, pony rides, and food. Tickets and all-you-can-play wristbands ($30) are available at the ticket booth. The picnic is followed by a concert featuring the fabulous Clay Self Band at 7:00 and then fireworks at dusk.
  • Chateau on the Lake 4th of July Celebration – These fireworks are displayed right over Table Rock dam.  So, even if you are not on the Chateau premises, you will be able to find a spot to settle in and watch the show.  Over the years, I’ve watched them from spots around the Dewey Short Visitor Center (which is actually a pretty cool place to visit on its own), from the Scenic Overlook on Highway 165, and from the lake itself.  Yep.  You can rent a boat from the State Park Marina and anchor right by the dam for a pretty spectacular overhead view of the fireworks!!

Once you’re finished, you’ll be just in time for some late night fun at The Track!  Remember, they stay open late!

Have a safe and happy 4th!