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Great Deals with the Go-Card (Part 2)

Great Deals with the Go Card (Part 1)
It’s Cousin Time! (Part 1)

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

In my last post, I starting talking about the great discounts you can get on other area attractions when you flash your Go-Card.  Well, today I’m going to keep talking about it . . . there are more deals to be had!

When you’re in Branson, I think you need to see at least one show.  I mean, you know that when you get home and tell people that you’ve just returned from a Branson vacation, they are going to ask you, “Which shows did you see?”  Am I right?

In most people’s minds, you can’t possibly come to Branson without seeing a show. Whether you agree with that or not, you have to admit that the show scene is still a huge part of the Branson entertainment landscape after all these years.  But unlike a few years ago when just about every show was “country and western,” there is now a huge variety in the type of shows you can choose!

With your Go-Card, you get discounts at this wide variety of shows:

  • Buckets N Boards – This show is pure fun.  It is two guys who are silly and high energy and . . . impressive!  Kids of all ages will love their antics (and may try them at home!).
  • Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express – This show is the next generation of Branson’s traditional country variety show . . . great for the entire family!
  • Presleys’ Country Jubilee – This is the show that started it all when they built Branson’s first music theater in 1967 . . . traditional Branson entertainment that families still love today!
  • SIX – Six brother, six voices . . . no instruments.  But if you close your eyes, you swear that you can hear a band!  They cover a lot of ground, singing songs from the past 60 years!

So, grab that Go-Card and head on over to one of these great shows.  Then, when you get back home, you’ll actually be able to answer everyone’s first question, “Which shows did you see?”