Branson Tracks


Go-karts racing down multi-level track

Heavy Metal High Rise

A steel and concrete track reaching over 4 stories, let’s rock and roll!

Woman and boy racing go-kart down wooden track

Wild Woody

This high-rise wooden track offers hills and thrills that will twist and turn you!

Woman and boy racing go-kart on wooden track

The LumberJack

Big and mighty - as the name suggests. Spiraling fun for your entire family!

Father and son riding two seater go-kart

Road Course Track

Experience tighter and higher banked curves than a traditional concrete track!

Classic 1

Classic Go-Karts

Traditional family-style go-kart racing on a concrete riding surface!

Girl riding go-kart

Rookie Go-Karts

Oval track designed for rookie drivers!

Young boy riding blue kiddie go-kart

Kiddie Go-Karts

4-year-olds driving go-karts? These are the perfect size and speed for new drivers!