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FAQs for You!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

Because I’m the mom with the “inside track,” I get asked a lot of questions about The Track.

Most of the time I know the answer.  Now, before you go accusing me of “tooting my own horn,” you must realize there are only about five questions people ask me.  Over and over and over.

So, I thought I’d take some time today to address one of these.  Are you ready?

Here it is . . . “We only have a couple of hours to spend. What is the best Track facility for our family to go to?”

Now clearly I do not intend to start “Track warfare” with my answer, so I will begin with the diplomatic approach . . . every Track facility is unique and worth visiting.  I am serious.  The other diplomatic response is that it depends on who makes up your family and how you want to spend your time.

But, if you have a group that includes wee ones all the way up to seasoned veterans, then your best bet is probably Track 3.

There.  I said it.  And here’s why:

*Track 3 has the most amusement rides for the littlest tykes.  Now, if your littlest tyke is 36″ or taller, you’re golden.  He can ride on all of the rides at Kids Kountry. But what if he is shorter than that?  Well, until recently, the only ride he could ride on was the tea cups.  And guess what?  A parent had to ride with him.  Yes, “tea cups” sounds real innocent until your child can’t get enough of being spun around and around and around.  Wow.  Need I say more?  Let’s just put it this way – I can’t tolerate the spinning rides like I used to!  But, there is some recent news that is music to my ears!  You can now ride the train with your child who is too short to ride alone.  Honestly, this is more my speed, and I am so glad that these littlest tykes now have more than one ride to enjoy!

*Track 3 also has the widest variety of go-kart tracks!  Listen to this list . . . Kiddie Go-Karts, Rookie Go-Karts, Classic Go-Karts, Road Course Track, Wild Woody, and the Sprint Track! Each of these tracks has different height requirements – click on each of these links to see exactly what those are!

*Track 3 has Lost Mine Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, and an arcade!

Do you see now why I think Track 3 is the best place for an eclectic group?  Yes, I’m sure you will read other post in which I tout the merits of the other locations (they are all unique and worth visiting, remember?), but today . . . I’m stickin’ with Track 3!!