Branson, Missouri

Heart-Pounding Fun at The Track Family Fun Parks

An adrenaline-fueled adventure in Branson, MO

By Jared Hughes

Looking for some family fun that gets your heart pounding? No matter what level of thrills you prefer, there’s something for everyone at The Track Family Fun Parks. Whether it’s gravity-defying thrills on the Skycoaster or speedy go-karts that get your pulse racing, there are many new and fan-favorite attractions that will make your heart pound! Choose the desired speed and find your next adrenaline fueled adventure.


There are a few rides to start with to get your heart fluttering. The The Ferris Wheel is a classic icon with more than 240 gondolas available.

With Bumper Rides, you’ll find opportunities to soak your family and friends in an epic water battle on Bumper Boats. But if you’d rather battle it out on land, you can take a spin in classic Bumper Cars.

Laser Tag puts you in the heat of the moment with classic laser beam battles. Duck and dodge (and maybe slide if you’re feeling heroic), to victory in a game against your friends and family. Once the game is finished, you’ll find out who gets bragging rights with a scorecard that ranks everyone playing.

Once you’ve come down a bit from your victory, play fun games in the Arcade. You’ll have no shortage of fun—there are three arcades with more than 250 games combined! The options include video games, skee-ball, and a few redemption games that give you tickets you can redeem after playing. Want some more classic fun? Then how about a good old round of Mini-Golf? With the theme of an old mining town, putt your way through this 18-hole course.

If you need more action, grab some friends and head to the main event—Go-Karts! There are 12 go-kart tracks for all ages to enjoy. Everyone in the family gets a chance to compete, even the younger kids! In Kiddie Go-Karts, your four-year-old can drive in a controlled environment with safe speeds. Once they’ve grown a few inches and learned the ins and outs of go-karts, they’re ready for Rookie Go-Karts. The oval tracks are great for beginners, and they’ll no doubt enjoy racing their friends. Finally, the family can race together in Classic Go-Karts. With three different tracks and unique karts to drive, you’ll find yourself getting back behind the wheel for more fast and furious fun.

Treats & eats

Running out of snacks and find your stomach grumbling? Then head over to Track 4, where you’ll find a couple of options to satisfy your hunger.

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Ready for the next level? You may have found yourself looking for a little more kick after some traditional go-karting. Look no further. The Lumberjack has three stories of high-rising track. A fan-favorite since it opened in 2001, the Lumberjack features two full spirals and one blind peak.

For those longing for tighter curves and more frequent elevation changes than a regular concrete track, the Road Course Track can fulfill your needs and kick the competition into high gear. With more karts on the track, will you still emerge victorious? Bank left, bank right, and watch your speed responsibly as you ride to top of the pack.

Pass options

Choose from several pass options for unlimited FUN into The Track Family Fun Parks. Each pass offers different lengths of time to visit and attractions to enjoy.

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For those extreme-thrill seekers out there, it’s time to crank up the adrenaline and get your heart racing. Once you’ve tested your bravery at the Lumberjack, graduate from three stories to four at Wild Woody. As you drive up four stories, feel your momentum shift as your kart propels you downward. The Wild Woody features one full spiral, two mini spirals, and a blind peak. Move from wood to metal at the Heavy Metal High Rise. Once you reach the top, flash down a three-tiered slope toward the finish!

Once it’s time to leave the tracks, experience the ultimate high-rising thrill on The Skyscraper. Never has a ride’s name been a more apt description. Buckled into your seat, you’ll rise to 170 feet in the air and fall at 60 miles per hour back and forth. It’s more than enough to get anyone’s heart rate spiking! Once you step off, it won’t be long until you’re ready to go again—once your heart rate has returned to normal. Make sure to come back at night for a different experience with a stunning perspective of the starry sky.

Think playing on the swings is for little kids? Thank again. On The Skycoaster, go solo or double-up with two friends as you are strapped to a 100-foot-tall super swing.  Strapped into a safety harness, you’ll be lifted into the air to incredible heights and whirlwind speeds at 70 miles per hour. While you’re up there screaming, be sure to take a moment and check out the panoramic view!

Multiple locations

You can find all these rides and more at the three tracks: Track 3, 4, and 5. Check out the schedule for more information on when each Track is open, and plan your visit based on your favorite adrenaline-pumping ride on this list.

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Find heart-pounding fun at The Track Family Fun Park