1Is there a weight Limit for the Ferris Wheel?
Each gondola can hold up to six average-size adults. There is no individual weight limit, but the gondolas can hold 990 pounds each.
2Is there an age/height limit on SkyCoaster?
There is no age limit on the SkyCoaster (we've had children as young as four and as old as ninety ride!), but flyers must be at least 42" tall.
3Can a crew-member watch my kids while I ride?
Unfortunately not; in order for our crew to safely operate all of the rides, they are unable to watch your children. If your kids are tall enough to ride as a passenger, they may ride with a licensed driver on any of our attractions that allow passengers. If they are not tall enough to ride, we recommend you have a member of your party who doesn't want to ride watch your kids.
4Can a crew-member ride with my child on the go-karts or Ferris wheel?
No, our crew may not ride the attractions while they are on the clock.
5Is there an age limit for the Branson Ferris Wheel?
Nope! We welcome all passengers, and have seen kids as young as two weeks old and had a rider celebrate her 100th birthday on the Ferris Wheel. While we do not have an age limit, we do require there to be one adult ( at least 18 years of age) for every two children under the age of 12.
6How long are the rides?
Most of our rides are approximately 4-5 minutes long. The Branson Ferris Wheel is 7.5 minutes per rotation, and you can choose two rotations included in your ticket price for a total of 15 minutes. The SkyCoaster takes approximately 5-7 minutes depending on the number of flyers.
7Do I have to use all my credits today/this year?
Our credits never expire, so whatever you purchase will be good as long as the company operates.
8Do my Go-Card Entitlements transfer from last year?
Go-Card Entitlements, including the Half-Price Buying Power, will expire December 31st of the year your purchased the card. The credits that you purchase, however, will never expire. You can bring those back next year or ten years from now!
9Are you open year-round?
While we do operate through much of the year, not all of our locations stay open year-round. We do close locations and attractions due to colder weather and slow business during the off season. If you plan to come visit the Track, we always recommend you consult our online Operating Schedule to see which locations are scheduled to be open during your visit.
10Can I take my Go-Pro/phone/camera on the rides?
For safety reasons, we cannot allow you to take Go-Pros, cell phones, or cameras on our attractions.
11Can I use my credits on the Ferris Wheel/SkyCoaster?
No, tickets for both of these attractions must be purchased separately at the respective attraction.
12Can more than one person share a playcard/Go-card?
Certainly! If you have a larger group that plans to split up, we can even separate the credits on the Go-Card onto different playcards, though only the original Go-Card will have the benefits and half-price buying power on it!
13Is there a weight limit on the SkyCoaster?
The SkyCoaster can hold up to 850 pounds per flight.
14Is there a weight limit on the Bumper Cars?
There is no weight limit on the bumper cars. Riders must be able to be restrained by the seatbelts, and persons tall enough to drive themselves MUST ride separately.
15Can I ride passenger if I am tall enough to drive myself?
While some of our attractions can have driver-sized passengers, not all of them can. Our two wooden tracks (The Lumber Jack and the Wild Woody), as well as our single-story concrete tracks (The Road Course and our Classic Tracks) can have full size passengers. Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars, and the Heavy Metal High Rise cannot. These restrictions are set in place by the manufacturers of the karts and rides. If you do not want to drive yourself or are unable to drive yourself, we recommend visiting our wooden tracks. Please be aware that if you are tall enough to drive and choose to ride as a passenger, you will still be charged the driver price.
16How fast do the go-karts/Ferris Wheel go?
The Ferris Wheel takes 7.5 minutes to make one full rotation. The go-kart's range and speed depends on the height of guest.
17Can I take a pet on the Ferris Wheel?
We do not allow family pets on the Ferris Wheel. Service animals may ride with their handlers.
18If our gondola is not filled up, do I have to share the space with other people?
You do not have to share space with other people on the Ferris Wheel. Since we do require at least 2 riders per gondola, we may ask a group if they are comfortable with a single rider sharing their gondola, but you do not have to if you don't want to.
19How do I find out what's left on my card?
If you have a QR Code scanner on your phone, you can scan the code on the back of your card to find out your balance, or you can ask any member of our crew to check the balance, and we would be happy to tell you.
20What value pack works best for my family?
We have several value packs that are available for purchase. Which pack you need depends on how many people are in your family and how much you want to ride. Our smallest value pack is approximately 4-5 rides, depending on which attractions you ride. Our middle value pack is approximately 8-12 rides. Our largest (the Go-Card) is approximately 15-20 rides, and it comes with the ability to purchase additional rides at half-price. Any of our cashiers would be happy to help you figure out which package deal is best for your family's needs.
21How much does it cost to ride and play at The Track Family Fun Parks?
Each of our attractions vary in price (Please see pricing chart for details). We do have several coupons and package deals to help offset the cost of bringing a family to The Track Family Fun Parks.
22Where are Tracks 1 and 2?
Tracks 1 and 2 no longer exist. Track 1 was located near the corner of Hwy 7 6 and Roark Valley Road, but it is now a Coin Shop. Track 2 sat where Fuddrucker's on Hwy 76 is now!
23When did The Track Family Fun Parks open?
The first single track opened in 1981, and The Track Family Fun Parks have been growing ever since! That first track is now the Classic Track at our Track 3 location.