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We Love The Track!
Labor Day!

Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

I always hope that I am one who practices what she preaches.  So, in an attempt to stay true to my own advice, our family has been taking full advantage of these last days of summer vacation.  As we get closer and closer to the first day of school, we are diligently checking things off of our “Branson Summer Fun Wish List.”

Oh, how I do love things checked off a list (yes, I am one of those).  You know it’s been a successful day at my house when I can report that “I got a lot of stuff done.”  This is another way of saying that I checked everything off of my list.  Now, if I can get this much satisfaction from completing a list of mundane tasks, then you can only imagine how much I’ve enjoyed crossing off things on the “Branson Summer Fun Wish List.”

And yesterday . . . yesterday, we got to cross off something on our list that has been on there ever since this show made its way into a Branson theater.  Today, I’m going to tell you about our trip to see . . . .


Your kids (and you!) will LOVE this show.  It is upbeat, entertaining, family-friendly and quite hilarious!  The two guys who are Buckets N Boards will not disappoint!  Here are a few highlights:

Lots of energetic (and impressive!) percussion.

Black-lit drumming (and other fun surprises!)

Creative Instument Playing

Post-show fun with super friendly performers!

Are you convinced yet?  Well, let me tell you something else . . . remember that Go-Card you purchased at The Track?  Well, if you bring that Go-Card down to the Clay Cooper Theater, you can get $5 off of a Family Pass to see this show!

I hope that you’ll check this show off of your Summer Fun List – you’ll be glad you did!  But hurry, school is just around the corner!