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Spring Has Sprung!
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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

One of the greatest things about living in Branson is that we have a lot of people come visit us.  I realize that some people would not count this as a plus, but I happen to love it!

Earlier this spring, we had a very special visit from my brother- and sister-in-law, my nephew, and my new “niece,” who is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

We were excited to host them and to introduce our “niece” to the American greatness that is Branson.  We had a full lineup of activity starting with . . .

Buckets and Boards!

This is such a great show for the entire family, but especially for a five-year-old-drum-set-owning boy like my nephew!  He was in awe.  And, to make it even more memorable, he was called up onstage to “help” the guys with the show.  I think they were quite impressed with his skills 🙂  There is nothing better than seeing a child as happy as this experience made him!

I love the energy in this show – it entertains from start to finish!  It is playful and fun, and these guys are truly talented.  The 2:00 p.m. time slot is the perfect mid-day pick-me-up, especially during the warm weather.  I highly recommend adding this show to your vacation itinerary!

Next on our agenda was The Haygoods!

If you like music, this a is must-see!  I love the way these siblings make each song they perform their own.  Somehow they manage to please the same crowd with both fiddle tunes and top forty hits, country and rock.  It is amazing!  Even the youngest kids and those sometimes hard-to-please teens will enjoy the show.  Check it out!

The grownups decided that we needed a night out on the town, so we headed to one of our favorite dinner spots, India Clay Oven.  Yes, I know that it is a bit of a surprise to find an authentic Indian restaurant on the heart of the Strip in Branson.  But, it is there, and it is delicious!!  I dare you to try it 🙂

After dinner, we went to see Paul Harris and the Cleverlys at the Starlite Theater.  What an awesome mix of comedy (that made me laugh out loud, and I am not a laugh out loud kind of girl!) and crazy-good blue grass music . . . and that’s just in the first half!  The second half features The Cleverlys.  Awesome.  Unique.  Hilarious.  Talented.  You just have to go check out this show.  It’s like nothing else you will see in Branson!

We rounded out their visit with a trip to Silver Dollar City!  We had to stop and take the picture that just about everyone who enters the park stops to get!

We (but not me!) rode just about every coaster in the park and had our share of yummy food (one of the best parts of Silver Dollar City if you ask me!), including skillets and funnel cake!  Yum!

We almost made it out of the park without getting into trouble . . . almost.

We finally made it home, exhausted (how else do you leave Silver Dollar City?!) but happy.  We squeezed in some time at The Track, which was a major hit with both my nephew and “niece” – they absolutely loved it!  And then, as quickly as it came, it was time for our family to head back to Texas.

Every time we have company, I am reminded of how many fun things we have to do in this town.  Too many for one visit, which only means one thing . . . you keep coming back for more!