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Christmas is Here . . . What?!

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Amy, a mom with the "inside track," and her daughters.

So, today I’m going to have to do something that I don’t really enjoy.

Last year about this time, I made a statement on the ole’ blog that is coming back to bite me (or perhaps prove me a liar).  You see, last year I said, and I quote, “IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR CHRISTMAS TO SNEAK UP ON YOU IN BRANSON.”

In fact, I went to great lengths to explain to my readers why this was the case.  And, I must say that in my experience to that point, this was an entirely true statement.

But, not any more.  Nope.  I am sad to report that Christmas 2012 has definitely snuck up on me.

Now, I realize that Christmas is still several weeks away and that I have plenty of time to do all the things that I usually do to prepare.  I am not panicking.  But, I do recognize that I am not nearly as on the ball as in years past.

This is not Branson’s fault.

Ozark Mountain Christmas has rolled out in the same fashion as in years past.  Christmas shows started at the beginning of November as usual.  Businesses along the strip soon followed with their Christmas lights and decorations.  Silver Dollar City lit up their park for “An Old Time Christmas.”  Starbucks started serving their peppermint mocha.  All of these are the very things that typically prod me into the Christmas spirit right after we put our Halloween costumes away.  But, not this year.

Why?  Well, I think the answer is pretty simple.  I have been a complete homebody for the past month.  And when you’re a homebody:  1) You are not attending Christmas shows or going out to Silver Dollar City, 2) You do not leave your house after dark (which is pretty early these days), so you don’t notice that the Christmas lights are even up, 3) You think that making your own peppermint mocha at home is “just as good” (you are delusional, but this is what you reason).

So, let me set the record straight . . . IT IS POSSIBLE FOR CHRISTMAS TO SNEAK UP ON YOU, EVEN IN BRANSON!!

But even so, it is also possible for me to thoroughly enjoy these next few weeks of Christmas in Branson.  May I present to you the “Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Ozark Mountain Christmas in Branson Even When You’ve Ignored the First Month of the Season”:

  1. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas at the Community Centennial Adoration Service and Branson’s 64th Annual Adoration Parade and Nativity Lighting Ceremony this Sunday, December 2nd in Downtown Branson.
  2. Drive through one of Branson’s amazing Christmas light displays . . . the Branson Area Festival of Lights or the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights (which includes a trip to the top of the Inspiration Tower!).
  3. Be driven through Branson’s Christmas Lights “Limo Style” (pretty fancy, huh?).
  4. Be drive through Branson’s Christmas Lights “Duck Style” (your kids will also love to visit Splash’s Winter Wonderland before your family boards).
  5. Visit Silver Dollar City’s “An Old Time Christmas” – this is sure to get you in the spirit!  This year, they have a new production – It’s a Wonderful Life – in addition to their fabulous production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Of course, you can’t miss a visit to see Santa (you might even want to try “Lunch with Santa” for something extra special).
  6. And speaking of Santa . . . Breakfast with Santa at the Chateau on the Lake, benefiting The Caring People, a local charity that serves single moms, is on Saturday, December 15th at 9:00.  Reservations are recommended!
  7. Enjoy a play! Check out A Christmas Snow, starring Muse Watson (you might remember him from NCIS).  This heartwarming story is good for the entire family.
  8. Enjoy a show! See Andy Williams’ Christmas Show.  Undoubtedly, it will be a little different this year, but Andy was involved in every detail of planing for the show prior to his passing in September – it is sure to be a great one!
  9. Ride the Polar Express – The Branson Scenic Railway has been transformed into the Polar Express, with a special stop at the North Pole!  Your kids will love what they see!
  10. Shop!  You probably already know about all of the great places to shop in Branson – Tanger Outlet Mall, Branson Landing, the Track Family Fun Parks website. Yes, the Track has just unveiled its 2012 Stocking Stuffers – a great deal you don’t want to miss!

Well, that should about do it.  Come on down (or up or over) to Branson and enjoy the beauty of the season.  I just might see you here!