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Beat the Heat!

Since it continues to be a little warmer than our usual June temps . . . OK, it’s just HOT . . . I thought I would take a little time to talk about how to […]

I Keep Forgetting to Remind You!

Maybe the heat is getting to me!  I cannot believe that I have not mentioned again the Rockin’ and Rollin’ Summer Sweepstakes.  You don’t want to miss this . . . I mean, the winner will […]

Around Branson

Last week I told you a little more about the benefits of buying the Go-Card that extend beyond that great discounts you get at The Track.  That’s right . . . the Go-Card is AMPED UP!  […]

Get Your Group On!

I’ve been thinking a lot about family fun.  I guess it’s because in the summer, we tend to have a lot of it!  My family of four certainly has lots of fun together, but there’s something […]

This Tourist is Tired Out!

Wow.  I just spent the past few days playing Branson tourist with our out-of-town family guests. We had SO MUCH FUN!  But, I am SO TIRED! As I’ve mentioned before, our family likes to play Branson […]

This Tourist is Tired Out! – Part 2

I know you have been waiting for installment 2 of “This Tourist is Tired Out!”  Well, here it is! On our second day of COUSIN FUN, we decided to do something COOL! No, we didn’t go […]