Branson Tracks

Moms with the Inside Track

Don’t Just Take My Word for It . . .

Next week, I’m going to tell you all about the fun we had in Branson while my nephew was in town. As you know, we thoroughly enjoy playing tourist every now and then, and we certainly […]

The Survey Says . . .

So, have you ever finished a conversation and realized that you spent the past few minutes (or more!) giving someone a lot of great (in your opinion) advice that he or she clearly did not ask […]

Big Fun . . . Branson Style (Part 1)

It took all summer, but we finally did it.   We played Branson visitor not just for an evening, but for an entire long weekend.   Yes.  We rounded out our summer vacation with a visit from […]

Big Fun . . . Branson Style (Part 2)

So, if you are just tuning in, I am in the middle of telling you about our weekend of playing Branson visitors with our family from Texas.  After our late night at The Track (and kids […]

Big Fun . . . Branson Style (Part 3)

The last couple days of our “Big Fun . . . Branson Style” were pretty packed. The gang wanted to see another show, so after creating a chart (yes, we really did) of various possibilities and […]

This is Your Chance!

We are now just a day away from Labor Day Weekend! Just when we start to get back into the swing of the school year, we get a day off!  Don’t get me wrong . . […]